Real Family at Christmas | Thursday Two Questions #12

You know you are a “real family” when you no longer buy individual personal things for your SO. Instead his Christmas list will have tools like an annular cutter or a metal hole saw. And you go: “Really? Do you need a life insurance quote to go with that?”

I get it. If I get new pots, is that for me or for all of us? Since I own the only pair of hands that touch the pots, and it would somehow make my job easier, so wouldn’t it be just for me?

I am A- OKAY with sacrificing for my family, and many of us are too. An occasional moan and vent are understandable right? I used to have a lot more tolerance for many things. Now, I just hide behind my computer instead of being grumpy with the less than perfect scenarios.

Speaking of computers, pictured here is a gorgeous computer. I am not selling it, nor am I doing an advertisement or review of any kind. I wanted to show you that it is pink. Yippee! I wanted a computer that reflects the femininity in me and I am glad the pink comes across with taste and not cheap looking. The metallic finish still gives it the tech look, but it still cries “oh so very feminine”.

At some point, SO took over in purchasing a few of my personal dependencies. SO did all the research and even the search for deals and /or promotions. Like my sister Koko's famous line: “his mama taught him well.”

I have to tell you, it feels really weird to take a back seat on something I would normally do for myself. Being independent for so long, I didn’t know if I should allow this to happen, or that this is what a “real family” is supposed to be like.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions #12
1) If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?
2) What do you think should be the punishment for shoplifting?


  1. 1. If I saw someone shoplifting, I'd tell a store employee and leave it at that.

    2. Being caught and embarassed in front of observors would be a horrible punishment, I think. Often people steal as a game or obsession rather than out of need, and I think embarassment might do the trick. Of course, for professional shoplifters, the law should be called in. They're in it too deep for embarrasment to stop them.

  2. Ahh the adventures of family. And pink it is. I'd love to have mine in red. I love red. :)

    1. If I saw someone shoplifting, I'd alert someone who works at the store or the security if he/she is near.

    2. Punishment: Public lashing and community service.

  3. 1) Alert the store security

    2) Make the culprit pay for it!

  4. Haha! my best-friend would echo your "Yippee!" she wants a pink laptop.:p

    1. it depends on who and what. if it's a hungry child and he/she's shoplifting food, i will pay for the food and tell the kid that it is wrong. if it's a regular adult, i would tell security.

    2. shoplifting can be a habit or a dare for teenagers. i had a childhood friend who shoplifted for the thrill of it. teenagers caught shoplifting should be counseled first and be given the chance to change. for adults, public humiliation and an overnight stay in jail.

  5. I've already 'grassed' on someone I saw shoplifting. I would do it again and again.

    I believe punishment should always fit the crime. Anti-social behaviour should have some sort of social consequence. Cleaning the store in bright orange jumpsuits for a month would be good enough for me.

  6. I would definitely would tell a store employee or manager. Shoplifting payback should be that the individual must work in that store without pay and wear a bright orange jumpsuit, which would signal he/she is a shoplifter. I believe just being caught or embarssed may not be enough of a punishment for some people. Sometimes first offenders aren't dealt with seriously enough causing that person/persons to repeat the offense. Professional shoplifters are another story and should be dealt with more harshly.

  7. If I saw it, I would alert the store personnel. I couldn't live with myself if I did nothing.

  8. 1) I would turn away if I see someone shoplifting, since business can write off their lost

    2) Community services are great as punishment for shoplifters, unless the crime is big and the law should be called in.

  9. Love that pink computer, that is so cool.

    1) I would tell a store employee. When someone steals from a store it means the losses will be passed along to us, the other customers, in the form of higher prices.

    2)For a first time offender they should pay back the store for the item and possibly be banned from the store for a period of time. Re-offenders should be sent to jail.

  10. We have seen shoplifters & immediately tell the management.

    Embarrass the living day lights out of them, community service also.

    Have a beautiful winter day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. hmmm..I'm not really sure what I would do if I saw someone shoplift. I do think they should be punished, though!

  12. This is a topic dear to me as I worked retail for over ten years. Shoplifting is devastating to the economy. The laws are made to protect the thief. We could not stop, touch or acuse them. While not doing any of these things, I was assaulted and cursed at by those who commited the crimes. Joe Citizen picks up the cost of the theft and the hard working employees are raked over the coals and accused of stealing. While having heard of clerks who steal from their employers, I was not one and was terribly fed up with the lack of satisfactory processes to protect us or the product. I left my management position and became a rep at a call center. After a poor inventory, corporate fired the entire staff. I lost over a month of unpaid vacation and fought for my unemployment rights. I took an assistant manager position with the competition while I looked for some other line of work.

    Many retailers (like those I worked for) do not prosecute, so for the second question - usually there is none, but I feel they should have to repay, publicly apologize and receive indepth counseling for their crimes. Their theft is from society, not the store. Everyone pays.

  13. Excellent! Great SO.

    Shoplifting...geez...another reason to stay out of the stores. I don't want to see I won't. That's my non-answer, answer.

    I'm still visiting around for Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful week.


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