Christmas Shopping and Burberry Boots

Christmas is a great holiday. It is a time when you don't have to feel guilty about shopping, after all you are giving, right? And to give is a good trait. I believe the answer could be that we save all year and then splurge at Christmas.

I wrote about Boots for Hunting Purples and because I only posted the purple flowers, some comments asked where are the boots pictures?  The boots pictured here is awesome for warmth and the fantastic low heals are so unique, it’s just plain sexy! I can tell you that with the way I feel lately, so cold- very cold, the high top boots with the fur will feel great! Ah, looking at it already makes me feel warm and pampered.


  1. Oh, I really like the Lace Up Mega Check. Those look really warm. I wear boots a lot this time of the year, warm is always good.

  2. I'd love some nice warm boots.

  3. @SquirrelQueen I think I will need to invest in more boots, as my feet are always cold@


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