Mad mini scientist

Guest post written by Denise Reese

My son is always wanting to do little science experiments like make the volcano with baking soda and vinegar and then examine bugs under his magnifying glass that I joke and call him my little mad scientist. So when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he told me that he wanted to be a mad scientist.

I had a good idea of what I might dress him up like but I got some ideas from looking up stuff with my clear bundle. That helped me decide on a few things that definitely needed to be a part of his outfit.

First, off any mad scientist needs his or her lab coat, so I'm ordering a kid sized one offline. That's the only clothes that I have to worry about buying him because he can just wear any of his regular clothes underneath the lab coat. Then he'll also need some lab goggles to wear and some big gloves. I think I'm just going to buy some rubber cleaning gloves for him to wear, which will be over-sized and add to the cute factor. But a mad scientist would be nothing without his crazy hair so I'm going to mess up his hair.


  1. Wow, interesting.. Yeah, messy hair is needed to look crazy.. ahahahahha..
    Now, that gets me thinking.. Maybe I will be a mad nurse or something related to mad in this Halloween? :P :P

  2. Kids are so much fun at Halloween. Last year my husband bought 3 bags of candy and left me home to feed the trick or treaters while he went out. They were cute, but I did not know ahead that I was going to be jumping up every 2 seconds. I'm used to working Halloween night. lol

  3. oh i love mad science. it may look stupid to us adults but i remembered i used to do such experiments with my younger siblings when mom was not around. good thing we were not able to set the house on fire hahahaha.


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