Open Positions For Wives

In this tough economy, one would think open positions are hard to find. Not according to my circle of girlfriends, I was told there are many open positions for Wives!
I once read an essay written by Judy Brady/ Syfers during my years at the University. And glad I did, because each and everyday her essay became more realistic in every way. I believe a majority of wives , or women can relate to her essay one way, or another.

I too, have thought about how great it would be to have a wife for myself, so I put together my own wanted ad below to see if I would get lucky. I want a Wife with the following qualifications:

1. THINK of the details for every family activity and event in my life, because I can't see beyond the next 60 seconds, and rather think about what "I want" to do. Either way, I like not having to wreck my brain for the family's comfort and just tag along for a change.
2. RESPONSIBLE about the program and details so that if I happen to be oblivious to what's going on, everything will still be taken care of and magically appears. I don't want to be accountable anything, because I don't want to feel bad about messing up.
3. Save and be frugal about spending so I don't have to find hidden shopping bags in our closet. Yet be supportive when I need to own that expensive outfit which I cannot find cheaper brands to fit my body the same way. Additionally, be CREATIVE and show we carry great styles and good taste.
4. COOK all my favorite meals and at the same time be conscientious about the ingredients we put in my body to keep me healthy and young.
5. AFFECTIONATE and romantic shows me love and reminds me how much I am appreciated. Tells me I am perfect and you couldn't live without me, but be
6. STRONG and SENSITIVE about giving me my space, as I often like to have some alone time to watch my favorite shows, and veg...

7. COMFORT me when I am having a rough day, give me that motherly love, let me bounce things off you and have you listen and give me positive inputs about my actions, but be
8. SELF SUFFICIENT when you are sick because I don't know how to care for someone sick.
9. CLEAN after me when I am in a hurry to go and achieve bigger and better things. My bigger and better world is waiting out there, and I can't be bother with minute domestic chores.
10. GIVE BIRTH to my children so that I can keep my figure. Endure the nine months of pregnancy stretch, and diet to which I will never have to know.
11. A Great NURTURER to my children so that I can have a peace of mind while I am at work because I don't have time to think about child care logistics given my job is always demanding.
12. SACRIFICE the time to take care of herself so that everything else gets done by the time I come home. I need to focus at work, so if I decide to stay late one day, be supportive, and somehow find the time to fit in that shower, or repair those shoes that already has a hole in the heal.
13. I want a wife who is SMART enough to think and manage items 1-12 above plus have in depth knowledge about prioritizing when she should consult with me. I don't want to come home to a wife everyday to find her grumpy, and complaining about all the horrors of her day.
Compensation is maybe gifts on holidays or Birthdays
Strongly desire: I prefer that my wife maintains a good looking body and look hot too, because I tend to forget how beautiful she is when I see her everyday in sweats with her hair in a bun....Who wouldn't want a wife?

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoyed today's reading, if you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to leave them below or email me directly.


  1. Hmm very honest and good ones.

    Thanks for dropping by my TT


  2. Seriously now, do you really want an extra body or shadow around! I rather be alone..Your list is great though..

  3. Rims, it's still unfinished, but always honest. :-)
    Mumsy, I want someone to replace my position :-), but with a title. :-)

  4. Very precise! The list is pretty familiar. I wonder how many men actually find themselves to this post and think a little.

  5. How lucky I am to have found a husband who doesn't expect all those things. I think because of this it makes me more apt to do them! Ha! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. I've often thought how nice it would be to have someone to pick up the slack for me. :-)

  7. Anonymous, thank you for understanding where I was going. It's a Wife's point of view. Who knows what the 13 things are that husbands might be sacrificing...:-)

  8. Yeah,sign me up for one too!

  9. Honnestly I would prefer a husband with these qualities, lol !

  10. Kala - I will let you know if my ad works. Gattina - no doubt, but husbands are from mars, and they usually don't understand Venus too well LOL.

  11. post! I sometimes think it's be nice to have someone doing for me, too. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!

  12. Very creative! I've never thought of this. I hope to be engaged soon...

  13. @Mrs4444Thanks Mrs4444. This post is actually a compliment to many of the women out there who are the glue that holds their family together - as my SO said.


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