Handmade Pillows in Popular Characters

Happy Friday Everyone,

I am excited to Show and Tell the handmade pillows and accessories from PreciousSewingBox’s Etsy shop. She is my sister, one of the 11 siblings. Like most Work At Home Moms {WAHMs}, she has an outlet, and it is exhaling through her PreciousSewingBox.

Below are some handmade Aby Cadabby pillows, car seat strap covers, and light switch cover. This is a sample set of Aby Cadabby "special order" made for one of her customers. If you have a theme in mind and want to have it custom made for your child or a gift, just email her at kimdoan@cox.net. Don't have any special themes in mind? Check out PreciousSewingBox’s Etsy and be inspired.

View Abby

I am inspired by her creativity, and loving the items that she had put together for her 
Etsy shop. She is truly a creative crafty person. A person with great talent and patience.
She has many other designs and patterns in her Etsy shop so click on over there and check them out. They are reasonably priced and very unique that you won't find in regular department stores. And of course all items are specially handmade in the US by a WAHM. 

Also shown below are a few other handmade pillows in the licensed prints. Left to right, My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty. The pillow end is hand stitched closed and stuffed with 100% premium polyester fiberfill, superior resiliency, non-allergenic and it is machine washable.

View Other themes

Quick peek at her Esty Shop:

Precious Sewing Etsy Shop

I am pleased that you came by to visit me today. If you have any thoughts please comment below.


  1. Oh Amanda!!

    I just love th epirncess pillows the best!! Toodarling even for grown up gals! :)


  2. Co-incidentally, I also mentioned her on Wandering Thought post today! You've been reading my mind :-)

  3. DARLING things!!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!

  4. Love the "Hello Kitty" pillow !

  5. Too cute! :D Love "Hello Kitty"!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Those are adorable hand-made items! Too bad my children are all grown, but thank God for that too :-)

  7. Suxh pretty pillows! I love anything that has to do with needlework
    Quiltworks http://quilt--works.blogspot.com/

  8. those are pretty pink pillows, makes me want to go back being a little girl :) I'll try to check the Etsy shop more later, i just had a quick peek for now.

  9. Sorry sister, but you've been tagged!

  10. hanks all for your visits, I hope you will have a chance to stop by her shop.
    I wanted to slow down MissT from growing up, Mumsy, I don't think she will let me.
    IcyBC - I think you must have seen my dashboard! hahaha joking.


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