Fifth Season Fashion Show - The Event

As you know Self Sagacity was a sponsor for Leland High School's Fashion Show, took place on April 30th, 2010. Dustin DN was the Director and Coordinator along with Miss Tam as the Marcom Artist. There were many other generous donors, such as Motorola, Flytecomm, Silicon Valley REO, etc., including Charlene Chavez, a professional photographer who volunteered to take pictures at the show. You can click on her name to view more photos of the Leland models and another video from the event.

An overview from the original post for anyone who has not seen this Charity Benefit highlights before: "For the first time and first year - Dustin persuaded Leland High school officials to raise and donate 100% of all the profits the show makes to World Concern - a foundation that helps builds schools, provide food and water, and distribute micro-loans to needy families around the world; they are currently working closely with the Haiti relief program. Read More

The following video was put together from the photos Self Sagacity and PreciousSewingBox took, hence it included our family pictures. The entire show is a much bigger production than what you see here and managed to raised very close to it's goal. There there some awesome raffle prizes which included the Iphone, $50 Cheese Cake Factory, etc.

The students worked hard , did a great job, and I am very proud of all of them. Special thanks to Ms. Kim, Ms. Jeziorski, and Ms. Meab who had supported the students wholeheartedly everyday.

The Leland FIFTH SEASON Fashion Show - A Charity Benefit - Video Slideshow

Click on the play button.


  1. So much fun to see, and love the visit! Dustin, you're a great person..

  2. It was a great show Dustin. We're very proud of you and enjoyed the show very much.
    Good job on the video Amanda, I'm glad you can use some of my pics, and thank you so much for featuring PreciousSewingBox on May 14.
    Great posts!!!

  3. This is a great program, I hope it continues for many more years.

  4. @Icy BCIt was very stressful for Dustin, but he handled it beautifully. Thanks Auntie

  5. @PreciousKDoanThanks for coming to the show auntie and contributing with your photos, they did come out very nice.

  6. @SquirrelQueenI hope so too, since it's very hard for the public school system now, it was very generous of them to give the funds to charity.

  7. What a fine thing you are doing for the schools and I love your video. I wish I knew how to do that. You are so talented!

  8. Thank you Judy, I enjoy stressing out over learning the new video converter with a challenging old computer. haha


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