The Music Calling

Imagine when my son came to me and said he wanted to learn how to play the guitar! I said “what?” This has to be the most unusual request he has made!

Naturally, I figured it was just a phase and that he would get over it soon and went about my business.

A month later, he came up to me again, and asked “when” can I start my guitar lessons? I was speechless and knew I needed to do something. It was overwhelming at first to gather all the information about schools and teachers and where to buy musical instruments. Yet, the one thing that saved us from having to run around different places was the ability to browse online. There is still much to learn, but the information will come in time.


  1. It's fun and relaxing for him to play guitar..I should know :-)

  2. Playing any musical instrument is a gift. I can't even keep my mind interested enough to learn the notes.


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