Orchid for Charity and Healing

When my friend sent me the Orchid Center Charity Blog I thought she was trying to get me to sign-up to a Orchid Recovery Center knowing how much I love to rejuvenate suffering orchids. I had to laugh at myself when found out that the link she sent was about a rehabilitation facility called The Orchid Recovery Center for Women!

The facility center is gender specific, hosting women only and holds a strong effort in helping women heal from addiction. They are not just a place that strives to help the addicted now, but even after the healing.

She went on to tell me about the KIVA program, which she thought might interest me and asked that I check out the information.

There you have it. I needed to get out a bit to see all the wonderful things that are going on in the community and in our world. One thing for sure, I am conscientiously working towards this path of selflessness.