Moving Asian Pear

*Nutritional Values
Fiber (g) Fat (g)
Energy (kj)
Asian Pear - raw, unpeeled 1 medium sized (130g) 14 4.5 0 230
Our Asian Pear tree survived huge drama this year. We had to move it from the center of the backyard to one of the corners due to the restructuring project. My gardener didn't think it would survive, and suggested I give it up and buy a new tree! Now you know me...I am a propagator - certainly not a freak about it- but it's along the same line as saving, and "not destroying." So for him to say that to me, I mentally gave him one bad mark! Fortunately, my gardener has been around for over 15 years, so he can afford one bad mark now and then. At the moving ceremony of my Asian Pear tree, which I hung close by to supervised, I was very cautious about making sure him and his helper dig deep enough to save the necessary roots.

They dug deep and about a foot diameter from the center around the tree. We found out there weren't too many deep roots to worry about. Lucky us! The first two weeks, we kept the tree partially covered and used card boards to shade it. It wasn't until a few weeks later that we started seeing new leaves on the tips of the branches. Naturally everyone was happy about its survival and the care we took to make sure it was not too dramatized during the move.


  1. It survived because you care so much.
    These are its blossoms, I suppose.
    Very pretty and beautifully captured.
    I never had the chance to taste it unfortunately.
    To your comment:
    -not the leaves but the petals are shaped like hearts.
    -lilies don't come from amaryllis but these Peruvian lilies do. They are not lilies, they are alstroemerias.

  2. I am so glad you didn't take his advise and decided to try and save the tree. The blooms are gorgeous, it looks like your efforts really paid off.

  3. ecel,lent macro shots..congrats

  4. Gorgeous blossoms! Now, I can't wait to see the pear..

  5. What a beautiful flower! So great that you wer able to save it! Great macro shot!

  6. Good job ~ wish there were more people in the world like you! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. It´s so beautiful and sweet. Great shots.

  8. What an endeavor! And interesting!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  9. Absolutly encouraging to hear! I've moved many plants and trees over the years and it's always good when they take and thrive!
    Striking macros of this beauty-

  10. What a beautiful bloom! Love your photography.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  11. These pictures you took, are stunning!

  12. hahahahah! :D The dramas in the life of an Asian pear tree! :D Love it! :D

  13. An d your supervision worked! It produced these beautiful blooms! Hmmm the sweet scent...

    I hope you will have a great harvest, too!

  14. SS: What a beautiful flower and it is good that you could move the tree.

  15. We're leaving our pear tree because we're moving soon. :-(
    I'm glad you kept it. Proves you can do the impossible if you try hard enough. Gorgeous blossoms. I always love the blossoms each year.

  16. What a pretty flower, I always like white flower very clean and attractive.

  17. Beautiful macros! I love taking close up shots of flowers. The details of the flower in the macros are simply lovely.

  18. Glad to know your tree is doing well! Beautiful flowers!

    By the way, I think cacti have some of the most amazing blooms in nature. :-)

  19. The pear tree is very lucky to have your care. It is thanking you with its beauty.

  20. I am glad your Asian Pear Tree survived, as we got to see these lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing. The blooms are truly beautiful.

  21. I'm so glad the tree made it! yay! those blooms are beautiful!


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