African Violet Propagation

I am excited to bring you this lovely flowering propagated African Violet. Yes, this is from someone who couldn't even keep any alive past two weeks at one point. I believe back then I lacked patience, but since I graduated from my training for Mastering the Mind with "Time and Patience" I've conquered the impatient side of me.

Just teasing, it’s more like growing older and patience just came along with the territory. The African Violet pictured below started from a leaf. Do you recall my Sticky Rice and African Violet post? I showed you how the babies were forming from the mother leaf. The pot below is from one of those split babies.
Oh, and don't let anyone tell you it takes two weeks to see new growth, or something ridiculous like that. It took this one four months before I even saw any additional life. So if you're not patient, or just can't stand looking at them half a leaf and green all the time, it will be difficult for you.

Brief instructions on how Self Sagacity did it:
a. Use an African Violet Mix. It always worked for me, while other soil didn't yield as much success.
b. Choose a healthy leaf, with some "beef", nice green color and a sturdy stem.
c. Use a clean, sharp knife and cut on a half inch diagonal. Make sure you leave about an inch from the base of the leave. I find the shorter the stem the faster I kill them, due to not being able to avoid wetting the leaf.
d. Make certain you punch through the soil to make room for the stem so that you're not pressing the stem down and damaging it. It's better to have a hole ready than to try and force down the stem.
e. Pack the soil around the African Violet leaf firmly and water.
f. African Violets do not like a lot of water. Mine do very well water slightly once a week, by the window. Never soaked with water, they like to be moist, but not wet.

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  1. Great job!! So pretty!! and so healthy!

  2. Amazing! Patience can produce wonderful things. It looks lovely and I'm glad you stuck with it. I don't know if I can get those here, but regardless of this, nature is wonderful.

  3. 4 months!!! you are very patient :)

  4. Thanks for all the great tips on growing African violet..I love to grow this in my house.

  5. Thanks for these tips...I may try this for my kitchen window!

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. aloha,

    its raining today so seeing all the garden blooms are a nice thing to do with a hot cup of coffee.

    nice propogation tips on your african violets, thanks for sharing this today

  7. Nature is pretty amazing isn't it? Deb and Anne- It's very rewarding the payoff. It's also an indoor plant so Mumsy, you can probably try to grow this. I do believe you have to be patient to see the results in these guys.

  8. 4 months is alot of patience :) African violets always make me smile, they are so cute :) Thanks for sharing them.

  9. You have done well. I am not patient enough, but my Mother can propagate these lovely plants.

  10. How interesting! I never knew that you could get babies that way! I'de love to try but I just seem to have problems keeping the poor thing alive. I think I over water:) Cheers to you!! Have a great weekend!
    Blessings ~ Angel

  11. Beautiful flowers and great tips! When I read the first paragraph I thought... I want to take that class! Then I realized you were joking, darn! Ha..
    Glad I found your blog so I can follow and come back often!
    Have a great weekend! ~ Coreen

  12. Thank you for posting.
    Everything important in life, I learned in the garden.
    Like the link between patience and beauty.

  13. Excellent tips. You plants looks very healthy and happy. I have grown them before but it's been a long time. I might have to try one again and your advice will be very useful.

  14. I cut off a leaf and put it in water until roots start coming out. Then I plant it. It roots pretty well after that.

  15. Poetic Shutterbug - gardening is where I learned patient pays off.

    Glennis - I've found the happy medium for growing the African Violets in my home.

    Angel - It's very easy to want to water the African Violet more often than necessary.

    Velvet over Steel - You know I wished there's such a class around here for two year olds. :-)

    Rockin Momma, Lydia, Squirrel Queen - thanks for your visit and comments.

    Wandering Chopstick - I tried with water once but failed miserably. I'll see if I can propagate them again that way and let you know.

  16. My grandma and sister are experts at growing these. They have advised me pretty much what you instructed, but I haven't the courage to try. Yours are so pretty!

  17. OH! Look at the furry, furry leaves! They are so soft and fat and furry looking!

  18. least one of us has the patience for those beautiful flowers...I sure don't have the luck at all or the patience!
    thanks for linking in this week. I am sorry it took so long to get over here and see...I just can't seem to get to the end of the busy around here these days! I do hope you will link in again...I have enjoyed my visit!


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