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This Saturday I'm taking you back to a little over two and a half years ago, when I was so excited to be having pink in my life that I'd decided to use some of my maternity leave time to make something for the little person that was growing inside my tummy. I bought the fabric at Hancock's and remembering it must have taken me a couple of hours to decide on the texture and print alone. I wanted something different, not another Disney character or princess pattern. I liked this print so much because it's made of silky satin with a poodle pattern doing all the girlie things like taking a bubble bath, getting her hair done, etc.

I had bought enough materials for a bumper, a long pillow, and a blanket. I made the trims with a light fleece material and crossed my fingers that it would go with the satin. Well, it did because the fleece material helped keep the edges flat and down.

It turned out that Miss Trinity LOVES dogs and I am very happy that she became so attached to this blanket. It could be because of the color, the dog pattern, the satin material keeping her warm but not hot, or she could just be feeling a lot of love from the "blanchet" - that's how she pronounces blanket now.

The first two pictures were taken two and a half years ago.

These three pictures below were taken this week. Remember this blanket had been around for a couple of years, so it has been through some rough testing, and Trinity already tried to re-designed most of the beads I had sewn on.


  1. Hi Happy pink saturday!

    lovely pnk post!


  2. This is gorgeous setting for the princess, and you're very talented!
    Thanks for coming by!

  3. Everything is coming together daintily, Amanda! It's so pretty! You and the lovely Miss Trinity have good taste! :)

  4. happy pink saturday!!!!

  5. This is so CUTE! You did a GREAT job on it!! Love the pink and the cute poodles!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!


    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. Nice designs.
    Happy Pink Saturday Amanda.

  8. This is beautiful, sis..Trinity is a lucky girl!

  9. Lovely "blanchet." I remember when mine were little, they too took their blankets every where! Thanks goodness we told them early on that blankets were not allowed out of the house! They were soooo tattered by the time they finally gave them up! so cute!

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  10. Adorable~ pink poodles are so fun!



  11. A very nice and interesting post for Pin Saturday. Come back again.

  12. wow, did not know a pink crib would look so good, very lovely

  13. Happy Pink Saturday. I have enjoyed visiting your lovely blog. I hope you have a wonderful new week.

  14. Hi..
    Nice post here. Love the color, and I'm impressed for the 'art' in you. Coooooll!! :)

  15. That is so cute, I love the pink color and the poodle design. Great work.

  16. I love pink, and I think every princess's gotta love it too, right? ;)

    ADORABLE!!! What a lucky little cherub... :)

    Happy (late) PS to you my friend!!

  17. Really cute blanket and crib accessories. I also shop at Hancock Fabrics and spend a long time looking at all the colors, prints and textures.

  18. I love sewing and I've got to say you have done an excellent job. It looks like you selected the perfect fabric to stand up to the constant use of an infant. It is both beautiful and functional. I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't take in orders.

  19. Oh! Look! French poodles!

    Did you know I love French poodles? :)

    I love that blanket! :)

  20. Beautiful! I have always wanted to make a crib set, but it looks so hard (The Bumpers) I have never tried! Following you back from

  21. Oooh look what you made!!! You could have sold and fetch a swimming price!

    I am so proud of you and wee bit jealous at the same time.

    It's simply beautiful!

    Oh and no selling! That's a family keeper!

    Wow. I'm thoroughly impressed!

  22. wow! you did a great job!
    (WIP stands for work in progress)


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