Ceiling Fans Wholesale

Our house constantly needs attention, for goodness sakes, what’s next? We bought our home thinking since it’s not too old, it shouldn’t need much repairs. That turned out to be far from the truth, because since we’ve moved in, things started breaking down one by one. The “item of the month”, which is what we refers to the broken item, is the Ceiling Fan.

Last week, I turned on the downstairs dinning room ceiling fan to find that it wasn’t working anymore. I called the handy man we have always used and he said I needed a replacement. His recommendation was for me to take a look in Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans because this is where I should be able to buy some nice Hunter ceiling fans that would match with the decor in my house.

He was right Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans has all sorts of selections. I found many nice Energy Star Ceiling Fans with lights and discovered that I could replace the old one with a nice new Emerson Midway Eco. This is important for me since we have been replacing all the bulbs in the house with energy efficient ones and wanted to stay on this path. So far, the “item of the month” was much easier to tackle than many we’ve had in the past.


  1. I might have to look into this information soon for summer updates in our house!

    1. In the summer, we use out ceiling fans and that's it- no AC expense for us.

  2. Thanks for the information, this is something I need to look into.


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