Monday Sand Art

This was one of those rainy day arts and craft projects. Sand art is made for moms with much older children. But, as usual Miss Trinity explorer found it one of my office drawers and kept pleading: "please, open please."
And you know what happened next. I gave in of course. We worked on this together carefully. I'd showed her some tips in how to drop the sand onto the designs and not on the carpet. She did okay except when the tool was stuck, she shook a little too much.
I bought the whole set of sand art several years ago at Costco. They came with the pre-designed sheets, sand, and all the little tools. I had always enjoyed working on it with my sons, because it was a treat to see the end results. For something this easy and fast to make, it's worth it don't you think?
Dad thought it came out great, so we hung it up in the office to admire T's first sand art project.

Thanks for your visit, I am glad you've found your way here. 


  1. What a fun memory for the two of you. T did a fine job, too. Happy Blue Monday.

    1. Thanks! I cherish my time with her. She is a real joy.

  2. Sand Art is such fun! Always had a kit for a rainy day project for my kids. Miss those days! Enjoyed your post!

  3. This is the best way to have a great day. Noting better than sharing time with the little ones. Your project turned out very nicely.

  4. Great fun! Kids just know when they're ready.

  5. I have never seen sand art come like this!! This looks like a lot of fun! Happy Blue Monday, and nice to meet you today! ~tina

  6. What fun. Happy Blue Monday!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  7. Very nice that you were able to do both Mellow Yellow and Blue Monday and accomplish a nice project with your daughter and brighten up your husband's wall. I'd say it was a most productive morning, indeed!

  8. I know my Ms. K would also love this. This is cool. Thanks for the visits and for the nice comments.

  9. This is really lovely! A great idea to encourage sand art! Different for the little ones!


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