Trinity's Blog Post to Mommy Amanda

Mommy is the best BLOGGER ever known because she has a smart mind, kind, and sweet.

This is Trinity's (my daughter) post to me. It was supposed to be a page long, but the computer got some issues and her bed time was near, so she didn't get to finish. It's been in my draft a while and I didn't want to let the post go by without sharing.

She is the love of my life and the greatest thing, but I also know what she's able to give me in return is priceless. 
Such a happy and high- spirited girl she is. She is happy doing whatever is asked of her, or that she has been exposed to. She is fun and so sweet. 

Best of all for her to think that I have a "smart mind" and is the "best Blogger ever" just melted my heart. Awww!



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  1. Hugs & Love, Merry Christmas. Beautiful words from a lovely young lady & her Mommie too.
    Remembering last year.
    Mary Beth

    1. Thanks Auntie! We wish you and your family the most wonderful Christmas and New Year! (f)

  2. That is a sweet thing for her to start writing. :) Those are the best kind of surprises to come across.

    1. She surprises me now and then and like you say, it's the sweetest thing. I love these kinds of surprises, especially when she does things like her mommy.

  3. She is so beautiful and such a sweet girl! You are truly blessed :)


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