Reliabilty Comes with Great Care and Maintenance

I still considered the Honda Accord as "my" car, despite the fact that it has been released to my son. I stumbled upon the ownership because I didn't want it to be released back to the dealership, nor seeing my X sell it to his friend. Even though I already had a car, I scraped my savings to buy it off from the X. I believed it was too good of a vehicle to let go, and I was right. Even after all the miles I put on that car while attending school and work for years, it still run like a charm and the most reliable car I ever had.

Even years before Dustin was ready to drive, I already made plans to transfer the automobile to him. Because I took good care of it and had regular scheduled maintenance at the San Francisco auto repair, I knew it would be a reliable and economical commuter car for him.

I have to stop and think how old the car is, because it has been a long time, and like many old things, it requires some updating. The little engine that keeps going needs a timing belt. I am always thankful that I had made the decision to keep it, since it had served so many people. I am driving a different car now, but if it wasn’t for the bulky car seat I have to carry around, I would take that Honda Accord back any day!


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