Liver or Not to Liver

By now, you should know by now that I am a "noodle girl/ lady/ woman". Warm soup is my soul food. Even when I am exhausted beyond the point of hunger, I could always be persuaded with a great bowl of noodle soup.
I love chicken liver. Warning - for those who doesn't like - click away now ;-)

It's okay, my significant other doesn't like it either. He would pick-it-out and give them all to me if we're in a restaurant. At home, I just make his with no liver, like the picture below.
How did I come to love chicken liver? I guess it started when I was very young, my parents always tried to feed us exotic food. One of those exotic food was chicken liver, which translates as "gan" in Vietnamese, and "gan" means courage. My parents told me if I eat "gan" I would become more courageous. So I begged for chicken liver every chance I could, because I wanted to be very brave!

These are Amanda's favorite transparent noodles, made with minced chicken. The official name is Mieng Ga and the official way is done with strips of chicken breasts. I reduced the amount of chicken in half and load up on herbs when cooking mine, because that's just way too much chicken for my taste.

A close up of the virgin Mieng Ga, no liver.

The bowl starts out with chicken, noodles, bean sprouts, scallion, cilantro, Chinese celery, split green onion, a couple of red pepper.

Added to the below is raw shallots sliced thin and browned onions.

Then there is my bowl with chicken liver.

And close-up of my bowl of soup with chicken liver - yum!

I am glad you came by to visit.


  1. Yummy, I like the last one with the chicken liver best. It's one of those foods I grew up with too. On of my favorite dishes with chicken liver is Dirty Rice.

  2. Wow..that looks so delicious! Beautiful presentation, sis..

  3. SquirrelQueen - Dirty rice is very good too. IcyBC - one day I can cook this for you. :-)

  4. My mother used to make liver all the time when I was a kid, and I loved it. However, I haven't had it in years - don't know why.


  5. The dish looked so good until the chicken liver was added. Liver seems to be one of those foods that people either love or avoid. :D

  6. I will take mine No live style please.. it looks GOOD! (even with the chicken livers.. I dont think I could eat them! LOL!!- You are BRAVE!) Thank you for the link pink saturday.. I would LOVE to return the favor.. .and will link you too!

    I was peeking at your photos you have shared.. they are FABULOUS! I love the fish photo!!

    Have a GREAT day.. see ya at Pink Saturday!

  7. Yum! I like mine with the chicken liver...Christine

  8. I feel warm all over already just by looking at the images. I love liver too :)

    Thanks for visiting me at

  9. Chicken liver isn't for everyone, if I didn't like it as a little girl, not sure if I would like it now either. Though this noodle soup can be yummy either way ;-)

  10. The presentation is well done, very fancy!

    I have not tried adding chicken liver in my soup; I like mine fried.

    P.S. Me and my daughter love PHO; and we make sure we go to our favorite restaurant once a month.

  11. Pho is great Ebie. It's another one of my favorite. I'll have to try them fried. :-)

  12. That food truly looks very healthy and nutritious and yummy!!!!!!

    Asian cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) is usually healthy, in my opinion. I cook Chinese at home, all the time!


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