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Planning for vacations isn’t easy. Once you’ve figure out when and where to go, and how to get there, you need plans for what to do once you get there. I’ve planned vacations before and the “what to do” is the most complicated portion.

It is certainly nice now to be able to search by cities and state, for example what theatres are close by your hotel in Miami, FL. There are many ways to search, but if you’re not familiar with a city like Pittsburgh, PA, you wouldn’t know what shops or restaurants the locals normally use. Yes, there are reviews, but how many would you need to read? Not all the reviewers have the same taste as you. That said, I usually end up picking a place based on my first instinct first, and then incorporate the reviews. By then I could at least be satisfied that I have tried. A big plus is if I could look at the business’s website, any, let’s say in Charlotte, NC. I can see what they say about themselves and how they present their business.
Those are a couple of ways I had used to pick a place, and the odds are 10% I would be wrong. That isn’t bad considering I had no idea about the places, and being in an unfamiliar town could be a good, or bad experience depending on how your activities turned out.


  1. This website replaces the need for yellow page book for me..


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