Blog On Television

One of the best things to do on a rainy day is to stay dry and watch a good movie, or two. Having heard about the new specials for movie channels, I searched online for DirectTV Special Offers in Santa Clara, California.

There are DIRECT TV Specials with a variety of packages to choose from, like an amazing 150 Channels for $29.99. Sometimes I wonder if I am ever able to flip through 150 channels at all. But, everyone is different and if that is not enough movie channels for you, then perhaps the DIRECT TV Offers with a Premier Ultimate Entertainment Package might work better. They include 265 channels!

For me, the DIRECTV Specials which has “for the fan on the go” package is just perfect, except for the rainy days, or the sick days, when I wished I had more channels. Then I kind of wished I had chosen the TV Lover – DIRECTTV Specials. Nevertheless, adding and removing program channels is flexible, I can always change my mind, just call customer service and let them know. For now, I have quite plenty enough channels, and still need to learn to navigate through them all. It is no wonder people are happier with their Direct TV.