Sagacity FAQ and Answers

On this page you will find FAQs, Badges, Mobile Codes, Events and Memes that Self hosts.

What does Self blog about?  Self Sagacity is about the choices and tips shared from experiences that could affect one's life. When you visit Self Sagacity you'll be greeted with columns on:

Self Sagacity also publishes ideas and reviews about:

Self Sagacity is designed for sharing experiences and wisdom with you. Free your thoughts, comment on a post, send a suggestion, click on a link. Where ever you decide to take those fingers, it will be a fun experience.

When did Self start? The site was formed in November 2009, and Self went live on December 3rd, 2009

How did you come to choose the title Self I love the word Sagacity, and pairing it with Self was perfectly fitting, for I am not speaking for everyone. My hopes is that the wisdom and experiences shared within Self Sagacity will be helpful to others who are seeking answers on the same subjects.

Events: Every quarter hosts a Top Commenter Contest winner 
received a quarter / three months of free advertisement on Self Sagacity's homepage.

Meme: Every Thursday we post questions on Self about life or blogging. The meme is called  Thursday Two Questions Meme, linky available every week on Wednesday evening at 4:30 pm PST. No longer offered Feb 2014

Please feel free to share any of these codes and buttons on your website.

Self Sagacity's Badge (Make your own badge code holder FREE


Self Sagacity's Mobile Code (Make your own barcode or mobile code for your ad, blog or website FREE)