Mom and Daughter Dragon Shadow Ninjas

Halloween is right around the corner. Did you get costumes for your kids yet? Do you know what they are going to dress up as this year? One of my favorite costumes  that Trinity wore from the years was the Dragon Shadow Ninja. It was the outfit handed down from her brother Mattlove. I liked how the costume came out after we revamped it. It was boyish originally, but we made it more feminine, yet tough looking enough for a ninja girl. I also like the fact that it gave me the opportunity to use Dustin's Ninja costume to dress-up with Trinity that year. So we were mom and daughter Dragon Shadow Ninjas.

Below this post you can see how I did my hair. The photos are taken from stills of a video I had, so the resolution isn't that great, but you should be able to see the general style.
We both put our hair up in high ponytails and added color hair extensions. Trinity has a braid falling down front, and it looked really good. Click on over to see more of this adorable Dragon Shadow Ninja outfit worn proudly by my little princess Trinity.

If you are looking for ideas for a mom and daughter look, check out this post on Mom and Daughter Archer / Huntress Outfits.

Video of Trinity in Outfit Doing a Swirl 

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  1. You two look like you came right out of a ninja movie with pretty ninjas! (h)


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