Dragon Shadow Ninja Costume

Here is my girl dressing up as the Dragon Shadow Ninja.
We bought her a couple of princess costumes, Cinderella and Rapunzel. She tried them on for us, but once she saw the Ninja costume from her brother's days, she wanted to try it on. And guess what? She insited on being the Dragon Shadow Ninja for Halloween.

What can I say? I like Ninjas too. So after a few hours of shock, I decided that if  I can't fight it, I might as well make sure she has the best Ninja costume. I went right into thinking about how I can jazz up her brother's hand me down costume.

 The original costume came plain with the black and greeen jumper. I added the yellow ties, the gold dragon emblem, the pink hair piece and the headpiece. It is not easy to make her pony tail stand-up because she has a lot of hair but if you use two thick hair ties, it should work.

If you noticed, the costumes usually aren't the expensive items. It is the accessories, from the headgear to the ties, that's what makes the outfit stand-out.

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  1. You are very good!
    I bet she is so happy!
    She is lovely in her costume!

    1. Thank you for saying that. I do try to give her what I can. She is a gift. (k)

  2. She looks awesome in her costume! I love seeing girls branch out to more than the standard girly costumes, and she definitely rocked her ninja costume!

    1. That is what she is, branching out kind of girl. She has no desire to be pretty or sassy.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Try to visit you back but not able to get to your comment section.


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