Three Ways to Use Groupon.com Site

Looking for deals on things to do or places to go? My go to website is Groupon. I’ve used so many of the deals from restaurants, kids and family activities, to travel. It’s the greatest way to try things that you’ve never done before. The discount gives me the incentive to move forward.

Groupon Saves the Hassel by Grouping Fees:

They offer plain and simple packages for groups of 2, 4 or more. The reason why Groupon deals made things easier is simply because the deals usually include a bonus beyond what you would get with the price at the door, or it covers most fees you need to host the activity, like all inclusive. It makes my life easier when planning for a family of five, plus friends. I can’t wait to see more merchants get on board with Groupon. I mean for merchants, it is a no-brainer, since these Groupon deals work so well with more purchases than they would have gotten if they didn’t participate.

Groupon is a Resource for Ideas:

Now a day I’ve come to relied on Groupon as a resource to find entertainment, places to eat, and ideas on where we can go on vacation. It is always my first go to website. They already have all the discounts for travel and activities all sorted by cities and destinations, so why not use the platform to your advantage to find your next Groupon deal?

Use Groupon to Preplan Your Travel:

When I am traveling to a destination I plug in the city’s name and whether I am looking for activities or restaurants, and it’s very helpful. Since I am unfamiliar with the area it is good to know what is available locally. It’s nice to have another opinion on places to eat and what to do. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to purchase these activities at such great discounts.

Have you tried Groupon?

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  1. I have used Groupon for many things. Restaurants to try new food, activities for birthday party for kids, house items such as comforters, stainless steel bowls, even electronic items like Xbox annual pass, iPhone cases. They deserve more attentions. Good savings.


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