Canh Chua Ca Bong Lau - Catfish Spicy Sour Soup Recipe

White bowl with Catfish Spicy Sour Soup
Catfish Spicy and Sour soup is a dish that one have to grow to love. Just like oysters, the taste can be addicting to some people, while simply gross to others. My mom can cook fabulous soups. It's her seasoning that makes her soups so unforgettable. I am always reminiscing about the anticipation of tasting her soup on the way home from night classes. She would always have a bowl of soup waiting for me on the nights that I come home late. Between a full time job, school, kids, and a business I had no energy left to eat a real dinner.

Her soups were the comforts on those late nights. Mom can't cook for me now, so I try to duplicate the taste on my own. Even though it tastes pretty good, it isn't the same because it doesn't come with mama's love. So the recipe is below if you want to try and make this soup yourself.

 --1 catfish (cleaned and cut into filets at 1 1/4 inches thick)
 --3 tomatoes red
 --1 lb bean sprout
 --3 stalks of celery cut into one inch pieces (substituted from alocasia odora)
 --1/2 of a pinapple or a can of chunky pineapple
 --1 table spoon of tamarin powder
 --1 bundle of thorny coriander
 --1 bundle of cilantro chopped into half inch
 --2 stalks of green onion
 --1 cup corn starch
 --1 shallot 
 --3 red pepper, or red garlic chilly
--1 can chicken broth
 --salt + fish sauce + sugar

Preparation: 1) Prepare all the vegetables 2) Cook the soup base 3) Add all the vegetables 4) Garnish the soup with herbs
2) Please see how to prepare the broth on Asparagus Crab meat Soup
3) Drop in the hard vegetables first, for example celery and similar.
4) Drop in the fish and cook until tender.
5) Now drop in the softer vegetables and bring to a boil. Turn off heat immediately after the boil.
6) Garnish with basil, or cilantro.

alternative version of Catfish Spicy Sour Soup

alternative version of Catfish Spicy Sour Soup

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  1. Oh I love this soup, and one of the restaurants up here make it really good!

    1. Every time I see this soup, my mouth watered too. It is so delicious. :d

  2. I love fish soup, I still have to try this one, will check next time we go to Vietnamese restaurant if they have this

    1. They do Betchai, but the problem is...it is hard to get good flavor and real authentic taste at the restaurants. They tend to make it so sweet and that is the wrong flavoring.

  3. Catfish is my favorite from the shark family ( in my opinion it is only a smaller shark hehe) and it's meat is very delicious. in this or any other combination I really like it. I also never tried it with the pineapple or/and coriander or cilantro.


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