Sleet | Snow in San Jose, California - Thursday Two Questions #176

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We are fortunate in California, the only thing that we lack sometimes is rain. This year, we haven't seen much rain, until today. Usually when this happens, we either have to cut down on our water usage, or it could get expensive, as the rate goes up during droughts.

Anyhow, it's hard to believe that we'd experience sleet in San Jose a few years ago. The photos below shows how strong and fierce it came down on us.
Nevertheless, the temperature was not below zero, and we were still warm.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #175
1) What is the strangest whether you've experience in your town?
2) What is it like for most of the year?

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  1. Thunderstorms that last for 10 mins is one of the wierdest weather which I have experience. You get instantly drenched then it nice and sunny again the next hour.

  2. It must be interesting for you to see! The strangest weather we had three weeks ago was that it was thundering, snowing, and sunshine all at once.

    We have a rough winter this year, and usually a very tolerable summer!

  3. The Blizzard of '93 was really a phenomenally for us, as it was for many folks up and down the eastern seaboard. Here in Knoxville, we had almost 2' of snow and set record breaking lows of -22°. It was colder here than in Bismark, ND that year.

    However, I think one of the oddest things I remember weather-wise came when I was a teenager growing up in southern WV. One rainy summer day, I walked to the store for my mother and on the way home it began to hail heavily. I'm not talking about pea size balls of ice, but pieces about the size of a dime torpedoing down from the sky bouncing off the pavement and onto my legs. That was not only a little freaky, but it really ouched. Thankfully, I had an umbrella over my head providing some protection from the quick onslaught of Mother Nature's wreath.

    I have my linky up this morning, and I already added you to it. Thanks for hosting the T2Q. I am looking forward to our new adventure together! ;)

  4. Amanda, have you ever had anyone using Firefox have problems with not being able to click on a person's URL in SimplyLinked? I can't do this for Dominique's link. When I use Safari, the link looks odd. It had a bunch of special characters in front of her URL, so I removed those and then it went ok. But, still I can't even click on it in Firefox. I just wanted you to know this in case other people were having the same trouble.

  5. We had the luscious sleet/snow a few weeks ago.
    It was wonderful! We turned most of that ice into snow and the kids had a blast!

    It's never like that here. We'll get really cold down to the 19teens or so and have ice on the roads, but never snow or sleet, so it was quite a change.

    The kids keep wishing for snow :)

  6. The wind sometimes in Hayward (Yes, I am only about 20 miles north) sometimes the wind gets pretty nasty.

  7. Amanda, having your sister in Michigan you know how crazy our weather can get. We have a long standing joke about Michigan weather that goes like this "If you don't like the weather go to lunch and come back. It will have changed." When I was a child I lived in Manitou Beach when there were three tornadoes in one day. It was Palm Sunday. We went to church dressed in our Easter finery without coats. It was very warm. A few hours later there were very strong winds and hail was falling. We headed for the basement until Mother Nature was done. When we came out my father's shop was sitting in the middle of the road, part of our roof torn off and many of our friend's homes were either flattened or floating in the lake.

  8. Living in Indiana, no weather surprises us anymore. We see and get it all lol.

  9. i haven't really experienced strange weather, San Diego is so predictable, haha, though we get hail once a while and wake up with thick frost sometimes on top of the roof and on leaves and grass, but it's not that strange as we know weather can get very cold sometimes too.

  10. On vacation once, It was very hot and all of the a sudden it started to hail. The hail was huge and very scary.


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