How To Make Ham Cheese Spinach Quesadillas Thursday Two Questions #174

Ham and cheese quesadillas with baby spinach
How to make Ham and Cheese Quesadillas with baby spinach:
Slip in the veggies, your kids won't mind it!
1) Spread mustard on a whole wheat tortilla, then top with slices of American, or Swiss cheese and ham.
2) Add a layer of baby spinach leaves, then fold to enclose
3) Cook on a hot skillet until the tortilla is golden and the cheese melts.
4) Let cool slightly, then cut into wedges before packing.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #173
1) How do you feel about having spinach in the quesadillas?
2) What other ingredients do you use to make your quesadillas?

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  1. Looks like a delicious quesadilla.

  2. Oh my gosh, I was just thinking I wanted some quesadillas for dinner tonight, then click here and see your yummy ones. I have never put spinach on mine, but I am going to do that tonight!

  3. I have not made quesadillas before, but this sounds really good and I'm interested in trying it. I haven't created my Thursday Thoughts post yet, but when I do I'll link it up ASAP! Thanks for hosting the fun!!!

  4. i actually love having spinach in quesadillas, now, i should probably add more to my lunch box for tomorrow :)

  5. Those sounds yummy. I especially love the spinach addition!

    I haven't made these before but would love to try.

  6. I don't mind spinach in it. It sounds yummy.. tortilla are expensive so maybe I will replace it with Roti prata :)

  7. I am a BIG fan of Spinach, but I have never tried one in a quesadilla before. I would love to try it, though. I bet they are Delicious.

  8. Great idea...I love anything with spinach in it...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. This would be cool if I ate pork. Maybe I can substitute turkey.


  10. Looks so good! But first I have to get to the market...

  11. Looks amazing. I would love to make them at home.

  12. Oooh! I would love to try one they look delicious :-d (c) (h)

  13. These look tasty! We have spinach leaves every morning with our breakfast. The kids never complain.

  14. Yum. This looks so good. I have some ideas for family dinners.


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