Funnel Cake 2 Steps Easy and Yummy - Thursday Two Questions Meme #171

Do you ever reminisce about the funnel cakes or the fun of festivals?  I love visiting Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk because of the wonderful aroma of funnel cakes in the air. Even when I am full, the smell of funnel cakes still makes me hungry.
Recently, I happened to see this funnel cake making kit in the stores, reasonably priced. My mind started wondering what it would be like to have some or to share some with the kids?

Even though it probably took a couple of months to find the right time and place to share these lovely funnel cakes. I finally did. And do you know? It was an easy two steps.

1) Mix the ingredients for batter as directed on the box.
2) Fry the batter like you would a pancake.
Sprinkle some confectioner sugar on them. (optional) Enjoy!


  Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #171
1) Do you like funnel cakes?
2) Have you ever tried to make funnel cakes on your own or have a recipe to share? Leave link in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. I reminisce more about the funnel cakes my eldest sister made in our kitchen when we were younger. She is 10 years older than me, so when I was 8 she was like a princess to me. She made a batter from scratch for funnel cakes and onion rings. When she made funnel cakes, she drizzled the batter just like they do at fairs and festivals. Ah-maz-ing! (h)

  2. Oh this is amazing looking, and I always like funnel cake..
    I haven't tried making funnel cake before, and I don't think it was that easy..Pinned!!

  3. I like the smell of funnel cake in the air, too. We have gotten funnel cake a few times over the years and each time after a few bites that is all I can eat because they are usually too greasy to suit my taste. I have thought about trying to make home-made funnel cake, but have never gotten around to doing it. Now, you have me curious, I may have to do a little recipe research to see what I come up with. Thanks for hosting T2Q!

  4. I love carnival treats! I haven't seen a funnel cake mix in our stores, but I am so going to be on the lookout for it now!

  5. Where I grew up it was always called fried dough, then I moved to the south and realized it is called funnel cakes. I had a couple at two different baseball games over the summer. Yummy! - I would like to make them myself sometime!

    Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my blog :)

  6. My boys love fried dough, which is very similar. These funnel cakes looked so darn good. dangerously good!

  7. I've never made them at home. My oldest three kids love them though, so I guess they next time everyone's home (two are grown and live in different states) we'll attempt it! In fact, that's a great idea! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync.

  8. I've never tried to make it but I grew up down the street from the Great New york State Fairgrounds (my street name is State Fair Blvd) so I've grown quite used to eating them!

  9. Funnel cakes are yummy, and these sure look so. They seem easy, we do try to stay away from frying things, but after taking a look at these I will have to think about it and maybe make an exception.

  10. I'm never really sure what funnel cakes are. But I do like cakes and this one looks yummy. Maybe I should bake an adventure.

  11. yes, i love funnel cakes but have never tried making it on my own, i did not it is easy, thanks for sharing the recipe :)


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