10 Indications of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Thursday Two Questions #172

Almaden Lake Park
When I was younger I didn't like repetition so much. I was looking for ways to see something fresh all the time. Whether it was our living room, the places we shopped, or the entertainment we found, I liked the constant freshness. Changes made me very happy.
There is still some of that in me, but at some point, I started longing for repetition, tradition, and places that I can go to all the time to relive the feelings that I enjoyed.

Routine is hard to come by in my world. I can't even count a handful of things that we do more than 2 /3 times before life gets in the way. Perhaps, because the five of us are so different in culture, age groups, personalities, and needs. But, this is life, and the changes are the test of our emotions and our love. It helps us better define love, how we measure love, and understand our ideas of what love is. And yet, our ideas and beliefs are being tested and challenged by our dynamics every day. Sometimes we find ourselves utterly helpless, while other times, we fought for what we believe in, but in the end...sometimes we lose to one another's belief. At the loss of every battle, there is also a new beginning and the opportunity to reassess our ideas and beliefs. Defeat isn't always the end, but another way to renew ourselves. Let go of what wasn't working and embrace a new challenge

The trees below remind me of a book called: "A Giving Tree." There are so many ways that I have related to this book. I found the simple words to be so profound. It is in my world, the best book to share for all ages. It is also a tool to groom little ones of how deeply parents' love can be, or just plain unconditional love... The book expressed love subtly, yet some gentle actions can also represent deep cuts into one's heart. I related the story to my parents and me, and to my kids and me, to my relationships, and to anything that has feelings. The unconditional love. If you have not read this book, it's a five minutes reading, literally, yet it could shed tears to your eyes - only if you've ever experienced such unconditional love.
(this post is by no means an advertisement, or a plug to the book. It is simply me sharing to my readers and my compliments to the author of how he's touch my and my family's hearts with his simple writing for years.)

Almaden Lake Park

Almaden Lake Park

10 Indications of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE
1) I know I can love unconditionally when I can accept everything about the person.
2) I know I can love unconditionally when I can find goodness even in the things that I despised for myself.
3) I know I can love unconditionally when I can put the person's happiness before my own judgments.
4) I know I can love unconditionally when I preferred that person's smile rather than fulfilling my needs.
5) I know I can love unconditionally when I recalled "who and why" the person was sent to me.
6) I know I can love unconditionally when I can give unconditionally.
7) I know I can love unconditionally when I feel closer to the person even in bad times.
8) I know I can love unconditionally when I can give-up my time unconditionally.
9) I know I can love unconditionally when I can forgive unconditionally.
10) I know I can love unconditionally when I can pro-actively seek for ways to better the person's life.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #172
1) How do you Love Unconditionally?
2) Can you think of one word to define Unconditional Love?

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  1. What a great article, Amanda.

    1. I love unconditionally by accepting without judgement.

    2. The one word would be Acceptance..

    1. Accepting is a great word. In almost anything we don't always have our ways and we accept.

  2. I think when you accept a person totally is when you practice unconditional love.
    One word- trust.

  3. I find it easy to love unconditionally, but it doesn't necessary mean you have to accept certain aspects of someone's life unconditionally. Does this make sense? For instance, I love my children unconditionally, but I do not accept the poor decisions they choose to make, especially those decisions which go against the very moral or Biblical principles we taught them.

    Unconditionally love = respect. I can love, but I don't have to like certain aspects about a persona while respecting his/her decisions. No one sees eye to eye on every thing, and I certainly cannot stand in judgement of another. Being a parent means sometimes you have to know when to hold your tongue and when to have your say-so. It's a fine line to walk and not easy to do.

    Good post, Amanda!

    1. Completely understood and very thoughtful comment Cathy. Acceptance means exactly how you've described, no judgement. You don't have to live like the person or do things like the person, but you can let them make their own mistakes and live their lives as they chose. As parents, we can try to guide, teach, and advice, but when it comes down to it, they have to want the same thing, and thank goodness, we don't all want the same thing. It's worth a lengthy discussion.

  4. I like the way Cathy put it above. It's easy for me to love some people unconditionally, but I feel so angry every time I read The Giving Tree. Sometimes I feel the tree was a big pushover and the man a selfish jerk, it's hard for me to pick up that book because I can relate it to so many of my family members.

  5. Interesting questions. I think unconditional love is hard work. I think it is you doing what ever you can that is best for the other person. This can be both good things and hard things but it has to come from the heart.

  6. i think one word would be acceptance, thanks for sharing these inspiring thoughts

  7. I love the Giving Tree by Shel Silvestein book...it is one of my favorite books.

    To love anyone or anything unconditionally is to accept, completely and totally!

  8. That is a good article.

    Sometimes I feel away from love. I don't know how to grasp it, but I know I can love and that someone loves me. Does that makes sense.
    I think it happens when a child grows up without love and affection.

    1) How do you Love Unconditionally?
    I try to wait and realize that I could be that person and if I had my own demons, I'd want someone to stay with me and forgive me.
    2) Can you think of one word to define Unconditional Love?
    Death to everything that is not love so that love can replace it.


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