99 Cents Only Store Pillow Cover Decor! Thursday Two Questions #163 Link Anything

One of my new love is the 99 Cents Only Store. I haven't been able to leave without a cart full. Even when I tell myself that all I need is a couple of items. I don't live close to the
store, so I guess that's why it is hard to leave with the intension of coming back.

I started searching for this store when I saw a news on TV about how this one guy lost so much weight due to eating the salads at the 99 Cents Only Store! I decided to check-it-out with dustinnewwin. I was shocked and so excited at the same time! The vegetables are so cheap I couldn't believe my eyes. Things that I would pay well over 3|4 dollars at a regular Super Market, I can find twice as much at the 99 Cents Only Store. I was skeptical about the quality so I read every label and compared it to the ones at home, and sure enough, no difference and if there were, it was very minor.

This last time, I found a true gem, a pillow cover. Granted, the pillow case isn't designer fabric, or custom hand made pillow cases, but it's cheap and easy!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend!

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #163
1) Do you have a 99 Cents Only Store closely, or do you shop there?
2) What is your favorite item at the 99 Cents Only Store, or Dollar Tree?

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Message about Thursday Two Questions: Since I have been enjoying the shares from week to week, whether it's motivation, or tutorials, questions, recipes, or ranting from the commentators. I am open to ANYTHING you wish to link, so link-up and thanks for stopping by. Smiles
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  1. That is a great store for sure! I wish I had one here! The pillow cover is lovely. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Great find, and it's pretty! At this price, you will be able replaced the cover as often as you can.

    Our stores here, Dollar Store, only begin to carry frozen food entres!

  3. we don't have 99 cents store also nearby, the pillowcase is a good deal, and the vegetables that are inexpensive seem to be very attractive. Happy thaksgiving to you Amanda.

  4. I keep hoping there was a 99c store here.
    Maybe one day I'll find one!

  5. I also love those stores. I find that if I go back often enough I can find the perfect items. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience but when I see the savings, it is all so worth it.

  6. We do have a $1 store, but it doesn't sell very much food. Just frozen foods that are super unhealthy! If they sold fruits and veggies, I'd be all over it!

  7. I had one when I lived in NY, but we have the Dollar Tree here.

  8. I've never heard of the 99 cent store, but wish we had one.
    We don't have any dollar stores that are truly that...even Everythings $1 isn't so.


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