Spider Lollipop Halloween Craft Tutorial - Thursday Two Questions #159 Link Anything

Trinity's teacher asked if I could help with the Halloween party either by craft or games. I chose craft. I found a few ideas so I submitted it to my advisor (T) and the teacher. It was unanimous that the spider lollipop goes to first grade!
Some fascinating person originated this Halloween spider lollipop candy craft, I don't know who, but it is very cute and requires very little items. Trinity and I tried it last week so that we can then show the kids in her class at the Halloween party, but it wasn't as easy as it looks!

We got a disaster last week legs all bent in different directions, the spider didn't stand, the wound up job fell apart. Feeling a bit defeated, I almost wanted to change the craft, but that would be a hassle. So, today, I was determined to break down the process and tackle it until I get a good process to teach a bunch of six-year-olds how to make the Spider Lollipop. 

Materials: 4 black chenille stems / pipe cleaners, 1
tootsie lollipop, 2 stick-on googly eyes.







As an option, you can add a pink or red mark at the end of the last spider wound to make a mouth for the spider. I just used one of Trinity's extra piece of Play Doh. How did you do? The trick is to get the spider (chenille pipes) down to the right size.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #159
1) Did you create any Halloween decorations, crafts, food?
2) What do you like or dislike about Halloween?

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Message about Thursday Two Questions: Since I have been enjoying the shares from week to week, whether it's motivation, or tutorials, questions, recipes, or ranting from the commentators. I am open to ANYTHING you wish to link, so link-up and thanks for stopping by. Smiles

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  1. VERY Cute! You did an awesome job. I know Miss T will love sharing this with her class and it will be a big hit.

  2. wow, so very cute, does not look easy at all to me, but I know kids would love that!

  3. I'm not big in Halloween thingy and if ever I do make craft it's for the kids at work. I don't really not like Halloween it's just I didn't grow up having it from where I came from. We don't celebrate Halloween in the Philippines when I was growing up. What we have there is All Saints Day.

  4. Oh you're good! And this is such a fun project for first graders!

  5. Halloween is not celebrated in a big way in my country. The spider lollipop is very cute! I have learnt a lot about Halloween from blogs. Thanks for hosting and Happy Halloween.


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