Are Wash Cloths Useless? Thursday Two Questions Meme #142

Towels come in a set of three. At least that is what I am accustomed to. The bath towel for body, the hand towel for hand, and the wash cloth for face. It makes perfect sense, but when it comes to real use I can't say that I have made much use of my wash cloth. For some reason, wash cloth is not as convenient in size for me. Even the texture feels thicker and bulkier because it is smaller. Maybe it is just some sort of mental block, drama from child hood that I have these feelings about the wash cloths.

When I am washing my face, I generally reach for the hand towel. Hand towels are much more convenient in terms of size and a lot easier to hang back. The wash cloths, on the other hand fall-off the hook, and the towel bar too easily.
Needless to say, I have collected many many wash cloths over time. When I buy towels, I buy the set, even though I stopped using wash cloths for a decade now. I guess it comes from feeling guilty just because I don't, doesn't mean others in my household don't either. The wash cloths in my cabinet just sit there taking up space and look almost practically new while the bath towels and hand towels have faded few shades. I have tried to repurpose the wash cloths by re-using them as kitchen wipes, dirty rags, and multi- purpose cleaning towel. But the real solution would be to stop buying wash cloths when I do buy a new set of towels. Right?

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #142
1) Do you use wash cloths or hand towels more? Or both, since you're not weird like me?
2) Do you know of a tip/ secret in keeping towels the same shade and not so faded from variable use?

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  1. Amanda, I don't buy towel sets. I buy my wash cloths and bath towels separately. I like thirsty wash cloths, the ones that hold a lot of moisture and feel like velvet. Matching is not important to me.

  2. I am like you, I no longer use wash cloths, I prefer hand towels too, however, I now stopped from buying sets, so I do not accumulate the wash towels. :)

  3. I think so..I barely use my hand towels or face towels. They only look good for display!

  4. I don't use washcloths around the house ever. However, I do pack one in my gym back to wipe the sweat off as I am working out.

  5. All washcloths are not made the same at all. I love ones that are not too soft, or bulky. But I used them for bath and not for face.

    1. I use hand towels more because Im always washing my hands :) So they have to change more often.

    2. I wish I had tips. Stuff just gets old eventually dahlin' :)

    Hope your weekend is going great!


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