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What Do You Do for Exercise? Thursday Two Questions Meme #136

We are finally getting wonderful weather. I love that the sun shines everyday, and the flowers are blooming everywhere. It is also a great time to take walks in the parks. I am surprised that we don't see more people walking and exercising. I think the parks should be more crowded than anywhere else. But you know where you will see the most people? At the restaurants, and fast food stops.
I would say my family needs to exercise and walk more often. If we come to this park below, we usually arrive around 9 am - and walk about 3 miles to the lake and 3 miles back. Even on this long stretch of trail, we would see the most of five groups, and to me it should be 50 groups. The walking trail, parks and places where we could exercise should be full of people, but they are not. I know I could use more exercise, get out in nature more often, and be active as much as I can. But, it is hard to motivate myself to exercise. So how do you motivate yourself to exercise? What do you do for exercise?

 Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #136:
1) Does exercising come natural to you? What do you do for exercise?
2) Where do you do your exercises?
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  1. Hi Amanda ~~ This is a neat motivation for exercise post today. I'd rather not exercise than do it. If it's fun I may do it. Running was fun and I liked that but now my knees and the doctors won't let me. They do let me play golf and I like that.

    We have a Sports and Fitness Center where we live that comes with out membership. Golf too is included with that but once a week I play golf in town with my buds.

    1. It sounds that you and mrs. jim keep yourselves very busy. that is good enough. I sit on the computer too much that I have gained weight and not exactly at the ideal weight for myself. i need exercises too since I am so lazy to do it.

  2. hmmm, i don't really exercise purposely, however, my stress reliever activity is a lot of exercise, so maybe, exercise comes naturally to me, when it comes to hiking, and prefer it with a lot of climbing since i always love seeing the world from the top and looking down at our paths, makes me feel accomplished, haha!

    1. I love climbing too, but it isn't easy for me, and it doesn't come easy. I have to really force myself, or my SO have to drag me out. I like to walk but just for a few minutes...I don't want to do it for hours.

  3. I am not really keen on exercise but I do know hte benefits so am trying my best to motivate myself to exercise..normally it I try to take the stairs and do brisk walking if possible

    1. I used to not have to exercise and I am skinny always...now, it is not moving around enough...I can't lose even five pounds.

  4. Hi that park looks really good to walk or bike or jog. Those who are near there are privileged to have that area, very convenient. People here are also becoming like people there, more in the malls and restaurants than walk and bike.

    Now for your questions: 1. I always walk to and from the public transport vehicles on my way to walk, i try to walk briskly too. I also walk at the corridor of the condominium unit in the mornings whenever i wake up earlier and there are no people yet there. And before i stop and take a bath, i do some bending, but i guess i have still to do it longer than my usual routine.

  5. Hehe, you're asking the wrong person with these questions, sis..I can't do much due to my physical limitations, but I try to walk as much as I can..That's my form of exercise..but lately walking gives me a pain in my ankles too, so that is also had to cut down..

  6. Exercising doesn't come natural. I have to make myself do it every day. My livingroom is my make-shift gym where I ride my bike, do resistant training with bands or dumb bells, or an aerobic workout such as Zumba or Billy Blanks. For the better part of April my exercise routine has suffered right along with my seasonal allergies as this has had me out of commission. *blah* Hopefully I can get back on track soon. Thanks for hosting T2Q!

  7. I walk most days from London Bridge to Charing Cross. It's not far, only about 2 miles, but I get out and about whether it is summer or winter. I'm not going today though - I wanted to wear some cute pumps today that are totally unsuitable for walking in!

  8. I agree with you. I wish more people would exercise and don't just be happy we are living in a politically correct society that fat is the new black and no one wants to say otherwise.

    Exercising doesn't come naturally to me, but I do make it a priority because I know the health benefits.
    I dance, or do an exercise routine with the tv person each morning.

    2. I do my exercises at home.

    Happy weekend :)

  9. I dont exercise as such but I make it a point to climb up the stairs of my flat which is on the 3rd floor. Go to the market a couple of times a day to get milk and veggies or to visit Temple. This is my exercise :)
    Have a lovely day Amanda :)

  10. First Amanda, you are so right. It would be more beneficial for families to get out to the parks and bring a picnic lunch, one they could prepare themselves which would be much healthier.

    1. For me exercise is walking and it does come natural to me. I walk as much as I can.

    2. I do most of my walking around parks, gardens, lakes and the beach.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  11. I make it a point to walk to places I can get to on foot, even if they're a little far away. Exercise doesn't come naturally to me, so I try to maintain physical activity like climbing stairs, walking etc so I won't feel like I'm exercising.

  12. I'm glad you got some good weather. We did too but now it's back to pouring with rain and thunder. I love to walk at every opportunity.


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