Should Men Have Men Bags? Thursday Two Questions #119

I am about to voice my opinion on men bags, which some might or might not agree. But it is my perspective that men should be able to wear men bags and not be frowned upon? Men should definitely, positively have men bags. Now a day, I think some young men carry what is called messenger bags. These are close to men bags, but not really. Why? Because it is meant for carrying books, and or lap tops. It is not the same as a man carrying things like, lotion, band aids and a brush. Women carry things for preventing or rescuing members of their families from pain, and accidents. They might have safety pins, Polysporin,and things of this nature.

Men need to carry men bags and make it a part of their everyday life, like when they retrieve to their man caves. Why not? Why should all the caring, precautions, and prevention be only a woman's responsibility?  Men should share the burden of caring for the family. Take part in the parenting responsibility. By now I think all the men are done reading this post :-) Well, if it is any concession regarding my conviction. My SO don't mind carrying my purse if my hands are full or lending a hand to pick-up the weight.This post is more for those moms, women out there that are struggling with having to haul everything themselves. It is for those men who would not handle a purse even just temporary to help ease the load. I guess this is one of my biggest gripes: why are those guys getting off so easy?
I have to thank one of our regular Thursday Two Questions participants Dr. Jim @ Jim's Little Blog for sparking my thoughts for the subject of this post today from his week #117 comment.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #119
1) Should men have men bags?
2) Would men be viewed differently if they carry men bags?

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  1. I feel that men should have men bags..but most of them I know rather carry backpacks because of the laptops which they lug around for work.

    1. That is reasonable, my SO carry a backpack when he needs to bring things for the family. It helpse to store water, hats and things that can not fit in my purse.

  2. When I lived in NY men carried purses. Sorry I cannot remember the term for them and do not want to wake my d-i-l to ask her. I fought against those who said boys should not play with dolls when mine were babies. They said it was too girly. I countered with boys need to grow up and know how to nurture also. Why should nurturing only be taught to girls? My boys grew into loving fathers, so perhaps I had something there.

  3. I think it is nice when men share the load when there are children along. Most guys I know will carry the diaper bag when they are on trips. A bag for guys would be nice.

    Men shouldn't be viewed differently if they carry a bag.

  4. It's definitely weird looking. I think if a man wants to do carry one of the bags, then it's a personal choice.

    Women just need stuff. And then we are giving our men our bags to hold and carry anyway, so why need two?

    But a guy has guy stuff in his vehicle and when you need the guy stuff, he goes and get it.

    I think it's a personal choice.

    Men carry bags all the time anyway. They look much better with a backpack. Not every thing is for a man.

  5. I completely agree! This is something I have thought time and time again myself. My husband will tote my purse around too without question, but ask him to get a man bag- Oh Heck No! He is supposed to keep his epi pen with him at all times, but doesn't because he doesn't have anywhere to store it. A man bag would surely help keep him safe with storing the epi pen alone!

  6. I think it's really a personal choice and one based on necessity. My husband carries a small bag - similar to a fanny pack in size - that he keeps things like his wallet, cell phone, etc in because he does not like the bulk of having stuff in his pockets. Men carry briefcases to the office all the time. Students carry backpacks. I think it's all in what we are culturally accustomed to.

    No I don't think guys should be viewed differently.

  7. I agree with you totally! I think it's only fair that men should have men's bag. I used to have to put the X's wallet and key chain in my bag all the time since he didn't have one of his own. It's annoying and heavy.

    Sorry I missed this week T2Qs! It has been hectic and draining!

    1. I can only imagine what a pain that is if you have to carry his load too. This is one of those cases that I really like to see the man have his own men bag.


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