Live in the Kairos time - Thursday Two Questions #114

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Enjoy Your Holidays and Live in the Kairos.

This year my SO requested that we lay low - so that he can work on the rest of the floor in our hallway. Ha!
I responded with a request of my own that we take Thanksgiving day off to relax and eat, and live in the Kairos time.

Last Sunday's sermon by the young (yes, like 20 something) and handsome priest (I forgot his name at the moment), reminded us to appreciate the special moments in our lives. Or more specifically, try to make every moment of our lives a moment that we will remember. I love this sermon, because I am so guilty of living in the chronos, that I mostly forget what it is like to just appreciate the moment. It is my bad and terrible trait of wanting to be prepared and for things to go well, that I over think. I believe that we tend to only remember moments that we truly allow ourselves to.
I wish to start living in Kairos time whenever I can. I want to turn off the clock for one day. So to make sure that this happens, I invited my nephew over. Now I just need to get my house in normal condition to have guest over...

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #114
1) Are you having company for Thanksgiving, or going to someone else's house? 
2) Which do you tend to live more in - the Chronos or Kairo's time?

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    I wish you have all the kairos moments you're entitled to..It will be nice to have non-stress pressure, peace, and laughter..

    1. Thank you. It's tough to remember to live in the present. But like anything, I do believe we have to practice and learn.

      Happy Thanksgiving to your family as well.

  2. Since our families are spread around the country we rarely get together. This year my hubby and I decided to make it a quiet celebration at home. We will spend time making calls to family.

  3. We didn't really celebrate thanksgiving but the kids went out with their friends for dinner tonight.
    I think the time I follow is the chronos one.

  4. I love your little glittering red hearts!! I think you are referring to being a "time bandit?" I never heard of living in the "Kairos". I imagine chrono refers to regular chronological time? I do not micro manage my time, but it does have a tendency to get overwhelming at times; like both Mon and Tues we worked 12 hour days. No we are not getting o.t. because we have today off. Hah! Anyway, we are going to Chris and Mariolina's for dinner and should be going soon. Have a wonderful and blessed day and year!!

  5. Hi Amanda ~~ I hope your Thanksgiving was happy and that you got to practie the Kairo living.

    We went to Mrs. Jim's Sister's home in North Louisiana for Thanksgiving. Since her three kids, their kids, and two in-law spouses were also coming we reserved a cabin in a Louisiana State park for one night, the night before. We drove home after dark, about six, for the six hour drive.

    I suppose I would like to live in Kairo time. I do try to be like that because of my upbringing and nature.

  6. we took a thanksgiving week vacation at Big Sur, so we were out with nature for thanksgiving :) I believe I strike a balance between living for the moment and preparing for the future :)

  7. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    I always am thankful for what I have. There was a time when I had literally nothing. God has blessed me richly.

    I also take time out to show kindness so others can also have something to be thankful for.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I also tend to over think. I would like to step back and just enjoy the moments as they come. Lovely post!

  9. Glad you had a good time off just to be and enjoy the Thanksgiving.

    1. We went to inlaws in another state 21hrs drive to and 21hrs drive back! :) The food was very good.

    2. I try to balance both Chronos and kairos in my life. I hope I'm doing more Kairos :)

    Happy Thursday!


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