The Perfect Day - Thursday Two Questions #109

We all know how much time goes into planning for that dance. Each and every couple wishing for the Perfect Day, and beyond the layers of beautiful clothing everyone has a motive of their own. It's wordless.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #109

1) Did you attend your senior prom?  No, I did not. I had a BF at the time, who eventually became my husband and the father of my children. He did not go to my school and we were not into the prom scene.
2) Was your escort someone you liked?   I liked my BF then emmensely, but I believe we both had jobs then and were working.

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  1. They appear to be enjoying the day and each other immensely

  2. What heartwarming shots.

    No, I didn't, as my boyfriend at that time was traveling with his family in Hawaii and I didn't want to go without him.

  3. The young man looks shy. The shots are very sweet.

    I was not allowed to attend any school dances as my father believed dancing to be sinful, along with television, so we did not have a tv either.

  4. The only dance I been to was when I was in Uni. They seem to be having lots of fun at the dance.

  5. Pardon me if I landed on a different Thursday Two Questions and posted the answers accordingly to my blog. Well, it will its purpose I believe. :D

    In answer to the questions:

    1. No, but I attended the junior prom which was not a happy experience for me.
    2. There is no way to find an escort as there was no plan for me to go. I didn't really exerted an effort. ha ha

  6. I liked your post, Pat. These kids don't look old enough to be seniors. Until I read the word 'prom' I was thinking that this boy was tying the girl to the fence. :) LOL XD

    1) Did you attend your senior prom? Yes, I did. Ours was a small school so we had a Junior/Senior prom. My junior year I went because there was a banquet supper to start with. I may have gone home after eating. For sure I didn't dance.
    My senior year I also went and ditto for the junior year. I went stag both years. But the second year Dad had loaned me his car. That night a bunch of us left some early and went driving. I had my first whiskey drink that night amongst other things. Of course when I got to the school I disconnected the speedometer.
    2) Was your escort someone you liked? No escorts for me. I didn't date either until I dropped out of college, around age 20 +/-.

  7. I didn't have a boyfriend back then, and didn't really know what prom was all about.

  8. Sweet shots! I didn't go to any of my dances. Sure wish I had now!

  9. We don't have prom in my country. There's just graduation and you go your own way to party or something.

    For me, it was going back to the orphanage after graduation :)

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Oh, he is such a sweet person, and the photos are very lovely.

    Well, prom is something that is foreign to our family, so obviously..we were not taken part in that!

  11. I skipped my senior year of high school but I did attend my junior prom. I had fun because my friends were there.


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