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Piano Lessons with Used Steinway - Thursday Two Questions #108

As parents, SO and I wanted to make sure we are exposing our kids to different activities and let them shine through naturally. Trinity has tried swimming, and she certainly thrives in this sport. We are currently on a short break and this isn't going over well for her. She missed being in the water and have begged us to sign her back again. She is currently playing beginner’s soccer, but it is so intermediate that we are not sure if she is getting anything out of it, except some outdoors exercise.

Our next goal is to expose her to music. Besides, singing I think she would love to learn how to play the piano. I can see her on a used Steinway playing a song for me already. It could be my imagination, but most people I know who have children taking piano lessons have used Steinway. The lessons are one thing, but learning piano takes practice, and one needs to have a piano in the home. Also, because piano lessons are usually done in the student’s home or the teacher’s home, it is easier if the student does have a piano in the house.
It would be too bold to presume that your kids will stick to piano lessons before they even try. Therefore, buying a new piano isn't the smartest thing to do. Moreover, we are not even sure if Trinity will like this activity. I also learned that we can rent to own. The program has reasonable options that helps secure the current price. The payment ranges from $39.00 to $99.00, so that one can choose a plan that best fit their budget. It is a nice alternative to coming up with the full payment at once.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #108
1) Have you or anyone you know taken piano lessons? the only person I know is my niece. 2) Did they have a piano in their home? yes, she have used Steinway
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  1. Amanda, I think the rent to own option is a good idea.

    1. I've known many people who have taken piano lessons as a child. Some stuck to it and some did not. Most of my musician friends, whether they are pianists or not did take lessons.

    2. I know a couple of people who have pianos in their homes but most musicians I know have portable keyboards they use for gigs as it is less expensive.

    1. Most of my older siblings never stuck to the piano or any instruments for career. They played them on occasion only. Yes, that makes sense, now a day, most musicians use keyboard.

  2. hahah, your post brought smiles my way because it is so true, not just because the child wanted to buy piano lessons, we need to buy piano right away! my nieces and nephew when they were younger would want to have piano lessons and piano at home, however, we enrolled them first for piano lessons, after several sessions, they no longer asked for piano lessons, hahaha! we did not force them however to keep working hard in their piano lessons because they were more interested with other activities ( like my nephew developed a love for tennis and my nieces became more passionate about badminton and swimming too), so, though the idea of having piano lessons came from them but they were also the ones who asked to no longer continue their piano lessons since they wanted to pursue and get better in their other extra-curricular activities.

    1. Piano playing is a gift, or great for certain people. Not everyone has the knack or the passion for it. But before we judge, we have to give them a try. Thanks for the heads-up about your niece and nephew, it is important to me that Trinity tries too.

  3. We had a piano in our home and I took lessons. As far as I remember, I was the only one of my siblings that did take lessons. I think the piano was a family thing so my parents never considered whether we should buy one or not. We just always had one. In fact, I think at one point, we had two but none of us were particularly musical. I do think it aided our general curiosity and overall learning and it gave us something with which to play. We have a piano, a digital one with weighted keys and full keyboard. It is very economical and my son plays it, when he is not playing one of his other instruments. He was taking lessons but never really progressed or was dedicated enough for us to spend too much money on lessons. Mostly, he teaches himself. I think he will eventually take a few more professional lessons but having it available for his own development is just perfect for his learning style.

    1. Sounded like your son is a lot more musical than any member of my immediate family. I always liked to, but too busy with other activities. My children, the most musical they get is listening to music. hehe. They (the boys) never even once asked or curious about any instrument.

  4. My father was deadset against us learning any type of music but our mother was quite good. She had had lessons and played Hawaiian guitar, organ and clarinet plus she had voice lessons. We had a small organ in our home and a guitar.

    1. I am thinking that you all sing at church or something too. It sounds like music played a part in your lives and that is very special.

  5. Nice post, Amanda. We are buying our granddaughter a violin on the rent to own. It is very close to being 'paid for' row and she appreciates if very much. She also has stuck with the violin for over three years.

    1. Four of my five kids has had piano lesson when growing up. Susie now write music and makes compositions to acompany the reading of various portions of the Bible.

    Mitch, when he graduated from college right away bought a new car (Chevy Camaro) and a piano.

    I took class piano lessons two semesters in college while I was teaching business there. The teacher said I was ready for private lessons but I decided not to. I doubht I could play now.

    Mrs. Jim plays. When our house flooded back in 1979 her piano got ruined. But we go her a new one and she still plays. She also plays the viola and has a violin.

    2. Yes, they had a piano, an old 'freebie' that my friends helped me move up or down, I can't remember which, a flight of stairs in an old New Hampshire house. The bench came with it and was worth more than the piano. It had a round seat the would turn to make it higher or lower and a back with vetival 'spines'. I don't know what happened to it. My ex gave everything away so probably the bench too. She even gave away a 1956 for fordor harttop that I had.

  6. My two boys play the piano and I do too. Will start my girl on the piano when she reaches 3 yrs old. So far the boys are still sticking to it and I have stuck to it since Grade 1~ Grade 8.
    They are using my old piano which I bought 1st hand for $3K eons years ago when I was a teenager. ~ Pearl River.

  7. My best friend & I took piano lessons at the same time. She stuck with it and I didn't. She had a piano & I didn't, but I went over to her house to practice often as she was next door. This is one of those regrets. I wish I had kept at it! Thanks for hosting!

  8. I like your style.

    We didn't have a piano where I was from. If I had the opportunity, I would have LOVED to takek piano and guitar lessons.

    I'd like my kids to learn if we can afford it later.

  9. I took piano lessons for 5 years as a child and loved it! My music teacher wanted me to apply to The Peabody Institute and pursue a career as a concert pianist. I would have loved to have gone, but felt that you only did that if you WERE serious about pursuing that as a career, and I wasn't (as much as I loved music, I wanted to be a writer).

    I wish I still had a piano in my home!

  10. My friend used to learn to play the piano. Apart from her, I know no one else. She went to her piano teacher's home (she had a piano - naturally). They could never afford to buy one.


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