Thursday Two Question #93 - Hire Home Help

Some days, I am absolutely LAZY about house work. It is so unexciting that I'd rather be doing ANYthing else, like..research for answers to my endless questions. I never run out of things to do, there are so much else that I rather be doing than scrub the floor, wash the dishes, and then do them all over again too soon.

I recently found some help, it took quite a few tries, and about ten to 20 calls, but I finally found a lady that I can work with. I wish I could afford to have her clean my house everyday, so that all I have to do is just exist...
But then again, having her around that much might be annoying to me. I am already anxious and interrupted with her coming just once every two / three weeks. Although, I am very pleased with the help that she provided and hoping we will get used to being around each other in time.

Photo of my mama, while she was on a trip with us in Viet Nam.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #93:
1) If you could hire help in your house what would it be for?
For me, it’s organizing my kitchen, and cleaning.

2) If you could and haven't, why haven't you?
I don't feel like I have a flow when someone else is around, I get interupted sometimes and can't go back to my previous thoughts.

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  1. Ok, this is freaky, in a funny way. I happened to ponder on the same (pretty much) thing about household help. We only differ for one question, and we don't even talk to each other..I guess great mind (tiring mind) think alike.

    I would like to have my house clean in general..

  2. I would like to have an English butler and a French maid :)

  3. Amanda, I am so behind in housecleaning that I would have to clean before I had anyone come to clean. lol I need a deep cleaning and organizing. Once in awhile I "hire" a grandchild to help. I have to save and pinch pennies to pay them $20. for the day. It's fun with one of the kids though and then we eat and/or shop.

  4. Hi Amanda ~~ Your first question gets answered from here like you did yours. Someone to come in every two or so weeks to do the major cleaning. Of course we would have to clean up a lot first before we could have her come.

    Second: 1) We can't get our house clean enough to invite someone to come clean; and 2)we do have someone come take care of the yard.

    Mrs. Jim wanted that for the very hot weather, for me. Then the lawn mower wouldn't start when it go cool so we've had him come all the time ever since. Years and years ago.

  5. I would hire someone to clean all my windows, that is the one chore I really don't like. It takes forever and I still find spots.

    Other than hiring someone to come in and clean my carpets I have never hired household help. I'm one of those people who would rush around to clean everything so the person I hired wouldn't think I was a bad housekeeper. I know it's silly.

  6. Gosh girl you know it! I'm LAZY about housework, but I'll do anything else.

    1. If I hire, it would be for the cleaning and organizing. I try so hard with this. ugh.

    2. I can't because: I don't trust people in my home, I just don't think they'll clean it properly esp the toilet, I'd be feeling uncomfortable to be home while they do this cleaning, and biggest; I don't have the money! Sigh.

    So I envy you now :)
    It's all good. no greeny here.

    Enjoy the break honey. We have to be doing this like taxes and death. all life long!

  7. The only thing I would consider hiring anyone to do is the yard. There are times when it's next to impossible for my DS to tackle the lawn work, especially during the too rainy or hot periods of summer.

    I won't hire it done because of the enormous expense it would put on our budget. :(

    Thanks for hosting, Miss Amanda!

  8. I would hire someone to help clean the house on a weekly basis. They will come in for a few hours a week to help with the chores.

  9. If I could afford it, I would hire someone to clean my house!

  10. I just saw a post that my mom placed on facebook relating to this topic. It read, "Instead of cleaning I just watched an episode of Hoarders. I didn't realize how fantastic my house really looks." HA!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  11. Wow! Your mum looks really young!

    I won't hire house help because I can't afford it. Instead, I get the kids to all throw their weight in and help around the house. Then I choose one of the chores they do and pay them for that particular one. I have chores we all do, then I have separate 'paid' jobs for the kids to do weekly.

    I pay them an allowance for doing this. This way I teach them responsibility, that money doesn't fall from trees, AND I get the work done!

    If I could have help, it would be a cook to prepare me some healthy Japanese or Vietnamese food. I love these cuisines and would hire someone to do them perfectly for me. This is my dream - perhaps one day we could afford it :-)


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