Thursday Two Questions #92 -Carbon Monoxide Alarms Mandatory in California

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Mandatory in California

In July of 2011 the state of California law required all existing single-family homes that contain a gas heater or appliance, fireplace or an attached garage to have carbon monoxide detectors. If your appliance or tool is gas powered, there’s a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. A carbon monoxide detector helps to eliminate the possibility of CO poisoning. Just like the smoke alarms, we now have carbon monoxide alarms in our homes. If you need more information about this type of alarm, feel free to check my reference.

The law states:
* Carbon monoxide alarms should be placed outside of sleeping areas and on the entry level of the home.
* Carbon monoxide alarms must be battery powered, plug-in with battery back up or hard-wired with battery backup.

California made it mandatory for many homes to have carbon monoxide detectors because between 1999 and 2004, carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of more than 16,000 deaths in the United States. (quoted from the Center of Diseases and Controls of California)

If the average lifespan for men is around 75 and women 80 currently, then with all of these changes the average lifespan should increase somewhat, yes? I sure hope so. Oh, and there is the new law that came out this year for carseats and children riding in cars. Under the age of eight, or under 4feet 9inches are still required to be restrained with belt and in a carseat. It was like "oh man...", instead of getting rid of the carseat for T at five, it's now another three years! Yet, it was one of those you go, okay, if it's going to keep my kids safe, than it is worth it.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #92:
1) Are you aware of the potential problems that gas appliances or tools might cause?
2) Do you have the carbon monoxide law where you live?

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  1. Amanda, I don't know if we have laws, but I work for a utility company and we have emergency lines set up for those who have any concerns about smelling gas, or hearing their monoxide alarms going off. We take these threats very seriously and get fired it we don't handle them properly.

    1. I guess the gas is easy enough to detect by smelling.

  2. We almost got poisoned in El Paso when a wall heater went kafluee. Our fireplace here is not vented but we have a Carbon Monoxide sensor on it.

    There aren't any laws that I know about. But then we don't live in a city either.

    1. glad you didn't get poison, that could have turned into a bad situation.

  3. We don't have Carbon monoxide laws here and am aware of the dangers of gas applicants. We mostly have electirc items at home

  4. I have heard of carbon monoxide danger, and have installed one right in the landing area upstairs. Great information to know.

  5. I do know the dangers of carbon dioxide poison with fireplaces and gas appliances, but I do not know what our state laws are on this. Thanks for hosting!

  6. That is a good law and it should be for every home.
    I think it also cuts down on crime when someone wants to murder another and set it up like a CO2 poisoning. (Yea I watch too much ID :)

    I don't now the laws here on it but I've been wanting it in my home for a long time now.

    And that's another reason I didn't want to have to handle gas appliances around the home. I knew some of the risks and unlike my island home, Most homes and kitchens in America are enclosed.

    Aloha :)

  7. We used to have a program here for the kids from the Fire Department, where they teach fire safety and each kid also got the carbon monoxide alarms for free. So I have an idea of how important this is to have in the house.

    It should be a law in every States..

  8. Two adult members of my family died tragic deaths due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, so I commend you for raising awareness of this very important issue.

    Safety is nothing we should never take for granted.

  9. Well that's just fascinating. Though I don't live in CA, I do have a carbon monoxide detector. Just playing it safe and seeing beautiful.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  10. A few weeks ago, there was a news item where a family had died (all except the little girl) after they left their disposable barbecue outside their tent while camping. All night long, the tray released carbon monoxide, and by morning the family was dead. This is so sad. People need to know about it.

    There isn't a law here, but we're advised to have one.

  11. Shop for carbonmonoxide detectors and more home safety products. Save money. Live better.

  12. I've found lots of necessary information about carbon monoxide from your blog. Thanks for sharing the helpful info.


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