Thursday Two Questions #84 - Fruits & Health

I am growing more appreciative of fruits everyday, especially mango. I guess because it is the kindness to my stomach, and is also my favorite in terms of taste.
I love all kinds of fresh fruits, but there are many that I prefer over others. In general though, if its convenient and meets my taste bud, I will probably consume it quite often.
My favorite fruits are mango, red grapes with thin skin, and nectarines. I have a few fruit trees, and one of them being a nectarine tree so it's really great to eat the fresh fruit from our own tree. The fruit that is quite popular in our household is probably bananas. It is convenient and clean to eat, and it is also a necessity because I need the potassium.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #83
1) What is your favorite fruit(s)?
2) Do you eat certain fruits to improve your health?

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  1. I love all fresh fruits: strawberry, banana, grapes, oranges, nectarines, longans, apples, and Asian pears.

    I do eat fresh fruits to improve my health, but most of all, they are just too yummy!

  2. Amanda, I love fruit, especially strawberries and other berries.

    I eat them because I love them, but the added benefits make them even more compelling.

  3. I love all kinds of fruit too. My favorites are apples and grapes but like you if it suits my taste buds I will give it a try.

    I don't eat any particular fruit to stay healthy, I think most of them have benefits.

  4. I love that fruit table! I can eat those all day! My favorite fruit is apple, and I eat fresh fruits because they taste so good, but didn't think about their health benefits much!

  5. I eat fresh fruits whenever I want a snack, as I have to watch my cholesterol and sugar level.

  6. I love all fruits, I believe. Currently, I'm eating apples and grapefruit because of the properties it offers for your digestion/dieting efforts.

    Thanks for hosting, Amanda! I'll be visiting everyone else soon. I'm having internet problems.

  7. We love fruits here too.

    I wish I had a tree or two.

    Growing up I'd swing from tree to tree eating fruits until I was hanging in the tummy :)

    My favorite fruits are the apples from my country. They are very different from American apples and have the perfect taste!

    2. I feed the children a variety of fruits and especially because I make lunch and snack for my son for school. So veggies and fruits are big on our list.

    Plus now is the time to get them regular with good healthy choices.

    Happy Thursday dahling!

  8. oh, love the two questions today because i love fruits :)

    1. my favorite is mango :)
    2. i eat fruit more for taste but since they are healthy, so i am happy with it. i eat a variety of fruits everyday, my breakfast always include a banana.

  9. I love most fruits. I buy apples, pears and strawberries home most often as the kids love these fruits the most.

    2. Veggies and fruits are big on our list too as I try not to give them too much meat.

  10. I love fruit - esp melons, mango and sweet seedless grapes (also with thin skin!)
    I do eat fruit for health and I need to incorporate more of it into my life! :-)


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