Thursday Two Questions #81 - Enjoy a Challenge?

Today, I am revisiting the questions from one of our participants from Thursday Two Questions #17: Squirrel Queen. Her questions were: 

1) Challenges can come from other sources or we can create them for ourselves. Either way, do you like to be challenged?
2) How do you feel after completing a big challenge?

*Yes, I do. I like challenges that are achievable and within my reach. I don't like to take on challenges that would rob me of my integrity, finance, or health. I prefer to stay in my comfort zone, because that is when I perform my best. That said, sometimes we are faced with unexpected challenges and we have to deal with them. In regards to the challenges that were unexpected or out of my comfort zone, I didn't enjoy working through them, but once conquered, they are much more gratifying than the easy ones. Additionally, I find unplanned challenges to be everlasting, because even when it is done, and you've closed it, sometimes it reoccurs. These are the ones I like least of all.
* I usually feel relieved, and glad it is over. A great challenge can be reaching a goal, simple but pleasant, like the Pagerank number on SelfSagacity. One of those challenges I recently faced is finding car title loans. I didn't know anything about it, but went in with optimism, working slowly at learning and choosing the right one. I have to say I approach most of my challenges this way and patience is a very important trait to have.

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #81
1) Challenges can be good or bad, name a challenge that you've taken on that was great.
2) If you can would you have done anything different with that challenge?

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  1. 1) I like to be challenged within my ability to cope, and I will tug at it until I can accomplish!

    2) After the challenge, it made me feel great, and somewhat invincible!

  2. I remember living in the south Bronx in a housing complex where crime was rampant. Our apartment was on the top floor and people would stand on the roof and shoot at our windows with guns, sell drugs and sex in the stairwell...I had a meeting with some of the tenants there, sought assistance from the housing management and set up a tenant's patrol there. It was a terrific feeling when I saw the tenants unite and form a neighborhood watch becoming organized in taking back our building and making it safe for our families.

    It felt wonderful, but it was a continual task as long as we lived in NY.

  3. 1) I'm constantly taking challenges. At the moment there is the challenge to get back to ideal weight, 30 days of blogging (Ultimate Blogging Campaign) and recently signed up to the hubpage apprentice challenge ( I hope I get selected)

    2) I feel that I have achieve a lot !!

  4. A good challenge is always nice, even when it's something I can accomplish. I think this is why I like playing Spider Solitair. I rarely can win 4 of a kind, but I keep at it in hopes I'll win. There are some challenges I know I can push myself on and accomplish, like exercising longer than I think is possible on a given day. The reward in meeting that challenge head on is uplifting and makes me want to do it again.

    I have to agree with you once a challenge has passed I'm totally relieved and like Icy said a sense of invincibility washes across me. Challenges are a good thing!

  5. Challenges can be positive when we voluntarily stretch ourselves - those I enjoy! When we "are" challenged due to unforseen circumstances - not so much! Either way, though, it feels awesome when we come through the other side, having conquered the challenge and having grown as a result of it!

  6. 1. I don't want to be challenged. But I NEED to be challenged so that I can grow.

    2. Sometimes the challenge is breathtaking and you never know if you can even do it, but it's in that doing and trying that you learn and grow and then after, you feel so exhilarated! So yes I want to be challenged.

    And then there are challenges as you write above that leaves you...um WTH did I just do kinda thing. :)

    Happy Easter lovely.

  7. depends on the challenge, but good challenge, like as simple as increasing our PR and traffic is very welcome to me, but how I do it, i do not know :)

    I love good challenges though.

  8. Hi Amanda, thank for featuring my questions this week. Sorry I missed out but hopefully things will slow down a little soon and I will rejoin your meme. I love doing the questions.

    I love a good challenge even though sometimes I over extend myself. My current challenge is the spay/neuter events for feral cats. I have learned many new skills and enjoy the challenge our group faces to make life better for these cats. Since I am sort of in the middle of the challenge it's hard to say what I would change.

  9. Good Questions! I'd rather not be challenged unless it it my pick.
    But either way I am always up to the challenge. I take these challenges personally and most times overcome whatever adversity there comes my way.

    1. Playing games? I love to win and do more times than not. Most of the kids and grandkids won't play Monopoly with me because they like to win too. Having ridden motorcycles in one of my previous lives tells the story. I parked it though when impatiently I began to ride between the cars to get ahead. I will admit though that this choice was made after I became a parent for the fifth time. My new life was beginning.

    2. I feel relief because the pressure is off. King of the hill feeling too. But the kings are always being challenged for their hilltops.


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