Thursday Two Questions #80 - Perfection

Guest post written by Poison Ivy
Not recommended for anyone under 18

I have to admit, I am not a perfect human being, and that's because I hate imperfections. Get it? I think that there are too many flaws in people. Laugh out loud now, because this post will be very contradicting. Really, it might as well be my confession.

I know some folks who feel the same way about “perfection” as I do. You could put us all in the same boat and we would be the “perfect float.”

Getting back to being perfect. I work with someone who is incredibly annoying! Just seeing her name pop up in my inbox has me holding up the holy cross in order to get through. Every time I have to deal with this person, I just want to shout in her face: “you are an idiot and a pain, and I can’t stand you!”

Yes, I have some anger towards her. You think? You're right, I do. I can placed it to the moment of our first meeting when “shit-face” kept yelling out loud how “she didn’t understand why this and that.” Because she knows everything. She questioned my good intentions and misinterpreted everything I said to be against her suggestions. Accusing me of saying something I didn’t, kept going on about her “mistaken” views, and made sure I couldn't get a word in. She thinks she is perfect. In the meanwhile, I sat back, stunned and speechless. I had no idea how the conversation had turned out so differently than intended. Do you know what this type of conversation is called?

Since then, I proved her wrong again and again, showed her I have talent and knowledge, and I don’t just get by with a big mouth like hers. I’ve earned her respect now, and the bitch comes to me with more than sweetness every time when she needs something, even when she doesn’t need it.

Today, when I was thinking about writing this post – I received an email of hers eluding to her last day. I was flying on the seventh cloud for a second – and demanded verification right away. Come to find out she meant it was her last day to a long vacation…well that sucked! My life would be so peaceful without her loud mouth.

Alright so that was very emotional, but it does have a happy ending. I have trained myself so that every time I see her, hear her name, or have to deal with her, “I”, treat her nice intentionally. I would slow down to get into my actress mode and pretend she is a good friend. I would get through my dealing with her as quickly as possible, yet always making sure she leaves my company happy and satisfied.  There you see, I am perfect! Damn it!

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #80
1) Did you know that being loud and talkative can earn you big money?
2) Did you know you can bluff (as long as you speak well) and sound like an expert?

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  1. Oh, Amanda, this had me laughing so hard because I have known people just like this. I just hope she does not read your blog, and why wouldn't she - it's fascinating and she may learn something, but please not this time!! lol

    I'm very talkative, how can I make more money?

    1. Hi Judy,
      Great! I am glad it made you laugh. It made me laugh too when reading it again. Here are the 10 tips I lived by when writing this post:

      10 Tips in blogging

      1.Say something interesting
      2.Tell the truth
      3.Write deliberately and with accuracy
      4.Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly
      5.Reply to emails and comments when appropriate and do so promptly
      6.Strive for high quality with every post
      7.Stay on topic
      8.Disagree with other opinions respectfully
      9.Disclose conflicts of interest
      10. Dramatize your readers

      What do you think? Have I accomplished all of them? LOL

  2. I know many people like that and some are family. I'm not very talkative but I agree with your #2 question.. you have to show that you are " expert" in it!!

    1. I have become less and less of a talker and more of a writer and listener. I like people who talks, believe me, it is awkward when you two people can't carry a conversation. But in this case, the talking was beyond a conversation.

  3. Well, well. It is too bad that there are people at work who make things so unpleasant for others there. They think they are making themselves look good but most bosses see right through this show like she put on.

    It is really too bad too when the boss doesn't know what the work is all about and can't even do his own reporting to his superiors. Our daughter has climbed pretty fast because the BIG bosses know who is really doing the work and the thinking.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am hoping that some will see right through this person, but it doesn't matter, there are others that will fall in the trap. People like this will come accross as knowlegable, friendly, and so helpful.
      Yet they are just bluffing, and when it comes down beyond the talk, they don't even know as much about the internet as my bloggy friends do! Yay for all of you!

  4. She sounds like a real pain. I have worked with folks like that before and it does make for tense situations. Working in sales I was fortunate that I did not actually have to be in the office that much.

    Yes to both questions. Being is sales the bluffing could come in handy once in a while, just not to use it too often or the buyers would catch on.

    1. Yes. She really is. My tolerance is high, but she is beyond my tolerance.
      I think there are many people who are in high positions because they have presence and can speak well. Speaking is what they do best, so they are in high demand.

  5. Now, this is straight to the brain, lol...

    1) I didn't know you could earn big money having a loud mouth..

    2) I can't bluff...or maybe I should!

    Seriously though, you've found a more pleasant way to deal with a difficult and shallow person, and that's great!

    1. You can. Great public speaking is in high demand. If you speak well and persuasive, people will love listening to you.

  6. Yes I do the 'treat them nice intentionally well' :) It's an art...I almost said a Southern art :)

    I think yes to both questions because I've seen it. And if you don't have the bone to stand up or say something, you might always be like the roadrunner and the fox.

    While I was doing the 9-5 I was around many of these. I let them be unless they looked my way to cause a stir.

    Enjoy the coming weekend!

  7. oh,
    1. i don't know we can make money for being loud and talkative, maybe that is the reason why i don't earn big money :) haha!

    2. it's hard for me to bluff, i know i will always get caught for i am not good at it and probably will never be good at it.

    sorry about that person, i have similar feelings of frustration towards somebody too, but like you, i trained myself to be nice intentionally to her just to keep peace despite it's really a pain knowing she is very good in bluffing around and frankly i do not know anything true anymore with whatever she says.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm now your newest follower :))

    Have a great weekend,

  9. I am laughing so hard right now at your post... Don't you just want to punch people like that in the face? And I, by no means, am perfect or seeking perfection... but I do seek respect and it sounds to me like that woman doesn't have any.
    Good for you to be intentionally nice when you see or speak with her .. ME? I'd avoid her!

    1. Haha! That's true, I would rather just knock her out and be done with it, but you know that's not professional. :>)

  10. Oh I totally get it and in fact I have a co-worker just like her. I have mastered the art of pretending she does not exist.

    1> Yes, my husband is loud and talkative is he used that to make a living - he does counselling, lectures, speaking engagements hahahah

    2)Yes, I guess


  11. Well, good on you for not spurting anger out on this lady. I find it really helpful to pray for people I don't like. It makes it easier to deal with them. You may think it sounds silly, but it really does work - trust me :-)

    I know you can bluff your way around, but somehow, somewhere, you'll be found out. Bluffing only works for a time.

  12. Oh that person sounds very terrible, and I dislike the know-it-all people! I have always dismiss this kind of personality as having very little confident in themselves.


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