Thursday Two Questions #66 -Single Working Girls' Crab Dinner

There was a time in my life that the only interesting things I did were work, errands, eat and sleep. Then do it again the next day.

I shared a condo with one of my sisters. What I didn't realized back then was how precious that time was. The opportunity was rare and only once in this life time. We lived as single girls with so much time and possibilities. Unfortunately, what went on was very little interaction and we were like two ships passing in the night.

My sister worked in a hospital with strange hours, and I was chasing a demanding career.  Sometimes she did those crazy hours like 7 days on and get 7 days off. She has many likes of the schedule as well as certain things likeHoward medical computer carts that helped kept her on time with her tasks. But the one thing she didn't like from working in the hospital was the over night on holidays. Those were tough. And I worked sometimes until midnight because I love what I did and because I could. We would only see each other once in a great while.

Our dinners would just be frozen crabs warmed up in the microwave if we happen to be on the same evening schedule. In New Orleans - where this phase of my life had taken place, the kind of crab we get is blue crab and we can buy hampers of them, boiled or live. We stored them in the freezer, and when dinner was desperately seeking, we would take out our portions and microwave them. And that was how a couple of single working girls' way call it a night after a long day.

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #66: 1) What is the one thing you can eat anytime and be satisfied?
2) How long can you eat the same things day after day?

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  1. Your story reminds me of when a friend and I shared an apartment in Anchorage. She and I both worked odd hours but sounds like we saw each other more than you and your sister. We had a lot of friends who fished and were always giving us cod, salmon and halibut. Many of our meals of course included fish.

    Chicken is the one food I never get tired of, I like it cooked most any way.

    I would say about three days is my limit when it comes to eating the same thing. After that I would have to have a change.

  2. For much of my life I was a single parent to four and many of our meals were economical to stretch the budget. We ate a lot of rice and beans and I learned several ways to make it different. Meals were necessary to sustain life so we would not concern ourselves to the monotony, plus there were sides to make it different like fruit, corn bread or biscuits.

  3. An ounce of cheese and/or apple leaves me feeling satisfied, if I find myself a bit hungry. I don't know really how long I can eat the same food(s) day after day, but I know I can do this for long stretches. Often times, I simply find it easier to eat the same things instead of worrying with what new things I can come up. lol As long as it's good for me, I see most of my meals as a means to refuel my body not so much as pleasure. Of course, my attitude changes when I'm dining out. =D Have a Merry Christmas, Amanda! XX, Cathy

  4. That would be breakfast cereal..easy to prepare and fast to eat every morning..

  5. 1. Pasta. In all kinda ways :) And it just takes a few minutes right :)

    2. Um. after 3 days I want something else :)

    Sometimes we look back and see better than we can during. Such is life eh.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  6. I probably can eat crab the way you do too :) however, sometimes, an overload of crabs would give me asthma attack :(


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