Thursday Two Questions #65 Power Trip

Have you noticed that some women have issues with controlling and persuasion? There are women who constantly try to persuade you on certain items of use, things that we should do. Most times it is because they can't understand that others have a brain too, that people have the right to feel what they feel.

Although there are few women who are blatantly obvious about controlling and tripping over power. But men, on the other hand, are totally obvious. Some of whom I have recently met have a hard time letting go of things they were responsible for. They like to be in control, and want to the have power to deny, say no. It is almost like it is their way of getting back at rejection. Especially if those guys have been rejected a lot. Even if it's not their call to make the decision, they go out of their way to make sure that their victim - whoever they have decided against, gets denied.
The usual man has a cave, he marks his territory. He retreats to his cave to think and devise a plan. The deco in his cave states masculinity and strength. SO doesn't really have a cave, but if he did, I would have to get him some gifts for a man cave this Christmas.

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #65:
1) Have you experience this type of behavior from a man or woman?
2) Do you think they can be helped or it's just the way they are?

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  1. 1) Oh yes, I have and continuously will. I think these sort of people actually have low self-esteem/confident/show off their level of intelligence, which some time very frustrating to deal with.

    2) I don't think they can be helped, since they think they know it all, and their way is BEST for everyone. Often, they are also very contradicted to their own words too.

    Sorry, I think I went off too long with this :-)

  2. Yes I have and I call it the self righteous syndrome. I've experienced it both from men and women though mostly with men. It's all about ego. In order for the person to feel good about themselves they have to always be right and control others. It's sad because people like this have very low self esteem. Even though they might be seen as having power they have none whatsoever and that's why they act the way they do. Can they change? I don't really know. I think they would have to build self confidence before they can change.

  3. I experience this daily. It is very frustrating and can be a continual power struggle. They even want to be right when it is not for their best. They stubbornly hold on. I just wish it would stop.

  4. I've run into a few people like this through the years. People like this are usually very insecure both personally and in their jobs. The best thing to do is stay off their radar if at all possible.

  5. 1) Yes, I have experienced this. When I was in high school, I had a friend who tried this on me. She ALWAYS wanted me to do what she was doing, try what she was eating..etc. I didn't join in, because half the crap she was eating made me want to puke. Chips and mustard? No thanks..
    2)I think it's just the way she was, because she did it to other people also. I think people either follow to be nice, or to try and gain a friend. But I have always tried to be outspoken about my feelings, so i told her she was crazy.

  6. I don't think I've ever met someone who is like this or at least not in the extreme sense you are speaking of.

    For men or women who are like this, change can take place. However, I believe it would be a very difficult thing because the attitude he/she is hidding behind has been growing for years. It'll may not completely be torn down even though improvements are made.

  7. @Icy BCI think it is true of most people who don't get college education that they can't understand they don't know everything, there is always more to see. If you recall the people who the most unreasonable are the people that are less educated. I think this might be the most you've written on TTQ, hehe

  8. @Poetic ShutterbugI think that is a great way to call it Jo. I totally agree it is low self esteem, and thirst for power. The only way they can change is if they self esteem changes.

  9. @♥~Judy~♥I would say, some days are worst than others for me. Yesterday, I had both men and a woman who obviously just couldn't swallow that they were really insignificant compared to the millions of other things going on.

  10. @SquirrelQueenI wish I can stay the "h" away from their radar. Smiles, I wish there was a way that once they are spotted to be removed like the monster movie.

  11. @Jessica BlankenshipDefinitely in high school. Glad you were able to say no. Yes, I would have to agree with you, some people like themselves as idiots too much to change.

  12. @Cathy KennedyYour second answer is definitely true about one of the people I am referring to here. This person has grown roots over the years of feeling empowered to do something, and now that the power is gone, he is still trying to use it behind the scenes, really pathetic.

  13. 1.) Yes, some men can't relinquish control of things (like finances) even if their wife would do a better job.

    2.)I just grit my teeth when I'm around people like this and pray for the people they influence.


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