Cream and Sugar and More Sugar

Whip cream is one of Trinity's favorite treats. She likes it cold and a lot of it. When there is a chance that mom and dad get coffee, or a treat somewhere, Trinity orders her cream treat. Cream is her fix. And as far as the topping is concerned, it differs every time. Sometimes it's all pink and sometimes it is something like below.

When we are home making our own cream treat, I let Trinity have a ball, it's one of those times when she can be as creative as she wants to be.

I can remember not too long ago when the idea of having a little girl to do all the girlie things with was stunt. But that all changed when I became pregnant with Trinity. I found myself having to upgrade (in size) my maternity clothes because my belly kept growing. I couldn't thank my friends enough for having introduced me to babiesnbellies for maternity dresses. I was able to look fashionably pregnant while staying comfortable throughout the pregnancy. 

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  1. Oh so sweet i like that but not good of my diabetes:) Visiting from blue Monday.

  2. This is such a festive treat! I would have a hard time saying no to this..

  3. I could dive into this sweet! So colorful, and tempting.

  4. I have always loved that shade of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. I love whipped cream too, and this looks so delicious :)

  6. Wish I could eat this much. When you age things change. But don't hurt to try one teaspoon I guess hehe.

  7. That indeed is a creamy blue treat

  8. I like whip cream too!

    making a quick visit from Alexa hop.

  9. We recently had a snow-themed Christmas party at church. I struggled for ideas of 'white food' to take. This would've been perfect.

  10. You are a good mommy. We definitely have to let them do their own thing bit by bit.

    Brings joy to the home too :)


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