Stocks Make Great Gifts

Holiday is just around the corner, but I have not finished with my Christmas shopping just yet! I do not have too much free time on hands, and I am not enthusiastic in giving the same thing every year either. I want to give something unique, or something that the receiver would say "wow".

You have to agree that many of the presents that we received in previous years often ended up in the give-away piles, or the gifts were so ordinary that we barely remembered what it was or who gave to us. You see, I would like to break out of this boring mode and start by giving disney stock instead!

Can you imagine the shocking surprise on the face of the receiver? I can, and love this idea for this year! Click on the link in this post if you want check out other choices for popular stocks. You can buy real stock and have it framed for a small fee. With a gift like this, it will keep on giving if the stock hits hight in the market!

By the way, Disney stock is the feature stock for this month, and it comes as a beautiful certificate with picture of Walt, and many of his beloved cartoon characters that we all love.

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great day!


  1. That should be in a gift guide. It's super cool idea!

  2. I think you are right. This is a great gift and I think it will become more valuable in time.


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