Thursday Two Questions #61 - A Dungeness Crab Inspiration Moment

Last Friday, I rewarded myself with a couple of steamed dungeness crabs since I completed the week's mission of being single mom.
Dungeness Crab season starts on November 15th this year! Yet, I have been craving crab for months now all year!
As I sat there enjoying my freshly steamed dungeness crab, (miss T was busy on her iPad next to me, the moment was so relaxing and enjoyable. Let me tell you - the words enjoying and relaxing are hard to come by when you're a mom) ideas for posts, changes, creativeness started flowing like it was raining crabs (I wish).

It then occurred to me that I had been asked the questions of: how do you get your inspiration, ideas for blog posts, subjects to write, turning a keyword into a story, etc., and not once could I answer them with a true inspiration, but now I know - just treat yourself with something you absolutely love and relax, enjoy whatever it is that you love.

I was very happy to have so much ideas. I kept hoping for a moment to grab a pen and piece of paper to write them down. And just when I finally finished with all my chores and ready to write down my amazing ideas, I was stumped. D...it, I forgot all my ideas!

So disappointed and frustrated, I tried pulling on each strand of my hair to restore some brain power, but nothing came back....Oh well. It will just have to wait until the next steamed dungeness crab feast again.

Now a days, I can't remember things on the fly for long periods of time. It is like I suffered from short term memory lost. Also I just can't keep a virtue running list of things that need to be done anymore, besides the obvious. Everything has to be written down, so now I  travel with a pen and notebook at all times.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #61:
1) Do you suffer from short term memory lost? One minute you thought of something fabulous, and the next minute you can't even remember if you even had that moment?

2) How do you keep track of all your great ideas on the fly? Do you always have things available to jog them down? Do you make up landmarks or symbolize them to help you remember?

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  1. Amanda, silly me, the dreamer that I can at times, once thought I would be a famous song writer. Maybe because I had a song published in 5th grade? But anyway I carried a tape recorder for awhile and would recite my poetry to it until my children broke it.

    I carry a notebook in my purse and have another near the bed. Still it seems the best ideas get away. If they're good enough they'll come back another day. lol

  2. I definitely suffer from short term memory loss. Er.. what was I about to do when I hopped over? Oh, now I remember - to follow your lovely blog. LOL!!!

  3. Crab does sound good!

    I have suffered short term memory loss for years. I think our lives are so busy and there is so much to keep track of our brains just can't keep up.

    I never seem to have anything to write on in my purse. Sometimes I will record a message on my phone.

  4. my first time to join! thanks for hosting this meme. :)

  5. 1) I had the same problem these last two weeks, couldn't remember a thing when I sit down in front of a computer.

    2) I do carry a little notebook, and write them to help me remember.

  6. Sorry to hear that you lost it. I don't often lose ideas (sometimes poems...I'll loose the wording, but not ideas). But what I do loose is THINGS. I'll be walking around holding something one second and have no idea where I layed it down the next. I can put something in a "place I won't forget it" and not be able to find it for the life of me 10 minutes later.

    It's so frustrating to loose stuff that you literally had minutes before. I get caught in thoughts and have no awareness a what my hands are doing.

  7. I think I have selective memory.. it helps me remove unwanted memories from my mind.

    I normally jot them down in a book or store them on my online journal.

  8. I used to have the best memory. Ever since I passed 30 I've been wondering where it went!

  9. 1. oh, i am terrible at short term memory, keep on forgetting always something :(
    2. when i remember something worthwhile to write, if i have pen and paper, i would write them, if i do not have pen and paper, i would use my cell phone to create note, but if i am home, i usually do not do anything about them since i end up going to a different website :(

  10. I do forget things, which is why I always have a pen and paper with me. I have great inspirational moments while cooking, so I keep a notebook and pen in the kitchen.

  11. I do get short term memory sometimes. It's quite frustrating. Esp if it was something great.

    2. Now I try to write things down, but I don't always have a pen and paper with me, but I"m trying to leave pens all over to be able to do this.



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