Thursday Two Questions #54

Royal Service Comes with Royal Price

The more expensive places sure know how to treat people royally, but it comes with a royal price. The Mercedes Benz (MB) Dealership in my town provides impeccable service. When I drop-off my car, I felt welcomed, valued, and treated like a human being, whether I am spending money or not. The service guys are incredible and kind, and kind is very important, because I'd never felt that they treated me like a "woman." I would never be rich enough this life time to live the life of a Hollywood movie star, but I at least get a little - super, super tiny - taste of courtesy and royal service at the Mercedes Benz Dealership. 

Royal Service is Good Old Customer Service
It's not all that complicated. If a customer is unhappy about a product or service, then get to the bottom of the problem and help them resolve the issue. That's it. At the dealership, my service adviser knows my car. Everything I have ever done to my car is on the computer. They provided me a complimentary comparable loaner, not a "Yugo" when my car is being serviced. If I have a problem with the service, I just have to let them know. Oh, and when they deliver my car? It's washed and vacuumed.

I realized that one of the reasons I became certified or licensed to perform a profession is because I get tire of getting incompetent services. Yet, auto mechanic isn't something I expect to learn anytime soon. Just psychologically I feel it should be a man's role, plus I don't think my brain can tolerate anymore skills. Although every time my cars need work, I seriously thought about taking a class.

Good Mechanics are Hard to Find
The difference when I go to a cheaper place without knowing the mechanics? They do not offer a loaner. They use old parts, or not genuine parts, and end-up costing me five trips to fix the same thing. And when you are in knee deep with tasks, wasted time is expensive! This is the case where the cliche fits: "you get what you pay for."

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #54
1) Do you have a good mechanic in your life, definition of good = that you trust, use, reliable, and is reasonable /fair? They are one of the best people to know.
2) Do you ever wished you know how to fix your own car, or cars? I do! Sometimes I feel like an alien when it comes to car issues.

* Thanks for all your feedback last week. Unanimously we will stay the same Thursday Two Questions, title theme and all.

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  1. I used to have a mechanic that I use, trust, reasonable, and very nice. Someone can totally call on for help, but then he retired.

    I don't think I would ever know how to fix car even if I want to!

  2. I can do minor repairs but usually I call on my oldest son. I do not trust strangers to fix my car.

  3. My brother-in-law is a certified mechanic for a Dodge dealership and he fits all those traits you listed. The best part is, a great discount! We always pay him a little extra in addition to the parts.

    I have never wanted to fix my own car, but I have thought it would be useful to know how to change my tire someday.

  4. It is really hard to find a good mechanic you can trust. I found one of the best so I married him! He is the Equipment Foreman for a large power company so he is always up to date on the latest vehicles. Can't get any better.

    Not so much on the newer cars but on my classic Camaro I can do small repairs, change the oil and check fluids and change a tire. When I was learning to drive my dad said I had to learn basic maintenance as well as driving skills.

  5. Now I have a good mechanic, but there awas a time that I brought my car to someone the was recommened by a friend, and to make it short I wish I never did :)
    yes I'd like to know how to fi the small things

  6. My husband always takes our car to one Toyota dealership in town. He has used the same mechanic for years until last year when we learned he had retired. Robin called our old mechanic requesting recommendations, which my husband took seriously. He used one of the people he suggested and really liked how he worked. We will use him again and again, if he continues to proof he's ever bit as good as the first time.

    Robin can do much of his own maintainence work on our vehicles, but the more sophisticated they become with computers, etc then it makes his job trickier. He can do most anything, it just takes a lot longer which he doesn't have the luxury of time. So, we use a mechanic for the big jobs.

    I was taught some basic things years ago, like how to check the oil and I have assisted him with some auto repair work over the years, but to do something on my own. I don't think so.

    Hope you'll come visit me,
    Wedding Bells to Wedding Galore!!!

  7. We don't have one by name but there is a company shop that we trust with our vehicles.

    Yes I have always wanted to learn how to fix my own car. I still want to and I will.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Hubs takes care of the car and we normally send it to a service centre for regular servicing. Don't have a special mechanic which we send the car to. It would be great if I know how to fix my own car but not something that am currently keen to learn.

  9. We do have a good mechanic that we trust. There have been times we've taken our car to him, only for him to tell us it's just that the car is old. He was recommended by a friend. Word of mouth has helped us a lot! My hubby would like to learn more about fixing a car. ;)


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