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Since readers have continued to be curious about Google Page Rank (GPR), I decided to take up an assignment for myself and write GPR Part I...

10 Things I'd Love To Do...if I didn’t have any work.

I would have to say many of my 10 things were stolen inspired by Dominique. Just kidding about the steal deal, she wrote hers first and I am the one being inspired by her list, but I will try to be different ;-). I would love to:
1. live in Viet Nam for a couple of months each year.
2. take a trip around the world.

3. go crabbing.
4. throw away things without feeling guilty.
5. learn auto mechanics.
6. find a personal chef. 
7. volunteer to teach Vietnamese. 
8. schedule my posts for an entire month. 
9. visit everyone's blog who followed SS thru FB, Twitter, GFC or other Social Media
10.get my feet massage a few times a week.

imagecredit: http://www.strangecosmos.com/content/item/148065.html
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  1. Oh! I'd get my feet massaged too!

  2. Please take me with you around the world!

    And I'll be stealing this :)

  3. oh, you have a very good list of things to do, I share some of them.

  4. Really cool list of 10 things you like to do.. It's great to be a volunteer and stay in vietnam.. hope that you get your wish soon.

  5. Visiting from 6WS; impressive list!! I downsized one time a house from 3300 square feet to move into a 1300 square feet; got rid of 2/3 of our stuff; didn't feel bad about anything I got rid of. Funny thing is the only thing hubby missed was a whisk. We had two, a large one and a small one. I figured we only needed one; I kept the large one, got rid of the small one. He wanted the small one for something he was making. Other than that, nothing else was missed and it was nice not to carry that extra baggage with us.

    I hope you get to do a few things on your list some day down the line!


  6. You can volunteer to teach me Vietnamese, if you want and we can sit together and get our feet massaged. . .

  7. Fascinating list. I'd like to do a few of those things as well.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. The trip around the world sounds like fun if we could do it on our own schedule. You should volunteer to teach. I am still working on Spanish.

    #8 & 9? me too! Wish I could find the time.


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