Thursday Two Questions #55 - Rentals

Have you noticed the rental market is crazy right now? It seemed the rents have risen and it is the Landlord’s turn to enjoy prosperity. If you are looking for Calgary apartment for rent check on The website is very intuitive and has an easy maneuvering sitemap. There are many cities in Calgary to look through. As a matter of fact, I was surprised to see that many, but no worries, just click on a link of the city of your choice and look through the descriptions and photos. You can sort by price, number of bedrooms, or whatever your priorities happens to be.

The rental market in my area has seen the most rent rise since the housing boom. The majority of current renters on the market are foreclosure folks who have lost their homes and young families who would have bought before. They are renting instead of buying, because it is especially hard to obtain mortgages. Some people are even downsizing to save money and have resorted to renting.
While there are many homes available for rent out there, the number of houses and the renters made it just scarce enough so that Landlords are enjoying quite the handsome fees for their places.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #55

1) Has the rental market in your area risen?
2) If it has, do you think this is a temporary situation? If rental has been the same, do you think the housing market in general in your area has changed, how?

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  1. San Francisco has more renters than homeowners. The rentals have skyrocketed over the years and just get worse and worse. For the amount of rent that most people pay in this city, they can buy a house and pay on a mortgage for less.

    I don't see the rents decreasing any time soon.

  2. 1. i am not so sure about the rental market if it had risen, though i know the rent here is one of the highest in the country, but i thought they have gone down with the slumping of the economy, but after reading your post about more renters after foreclosures, etc, that indeed may trigger a rental increase.
    2. some areas here have seen dramatic drop in housing prices,mostly homes that are much further inland and needed longer time commuting to work. otherwise, it seems that other parts remain stable despite the down economy.

  3. 1) I don't know anything about renting, and most people I know owe a mortgage.

    2) I see many ruins on my own street, vacate houses, and many are for rent. I don't think it will get better any time soon. It's still very bad in Detroit.

  4. The housing market here has opened up and you can find some really nice homes for a lot less than they were 5 years ago but if you are looking for an apt. it is very difficult to get one with three bedrooms or more. I have a couple of children who have had this dilemma having several children.

  5. I am not sure if that is good news. Does that mean real estate market is getting better? Anyway, I have 7 china cabinets here at home and my kitchen and laundry room cabinets are also full of dishes plus I have a walk in closet in the garage with built in shelves from floor to ceiling and they are full of dishes, lol...Christine

  6. It's kind of hard to judge the rental market here, our town is home to three colleges. A large portion of the rentals are geared to students.

    The housing market in our area has remained relatively stable compared to most parts of the country. We bought our home six years ago and the prices now and then have not changed that much.

  7. The rental market has always been good here in Singapore but it's not the case with getting a 2nd property to rent due to the skyrocketing prices of property. Within 10 years the price has risen 6 times. It will take ages just to recover your initial investment.

  8. I'm not sure if it's changed for the better or worse. I do see a lot more homes for rent or for sale but probably more than I should see.

  9. I keep an eye on the market and it's definitely risen. House prices have fallen, however. House costs (to purchase) are not rising as steeply as before, but they're still out of reach of first time buyers.

    We bought our first house many years ago, and I'm so glad we didn't wait.

  10. Things only got bad here for many businesses because of the President's lock down on our way of life. Drilling and oilfield services.

    I haven't been shopping or hearing too much bad news about the housing market here, but I'm sure it has gone up.

    When I used to rent, seems it went up every year!

    Aloha :)


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