Thursday Two Questions #44

family looking at computerFunny that family members are the last people I lean on for support. For whatever reason, friends I know and people in which ever world I am in, in this case Blogging - do not have family's support with their endeavors. IcyBC and I are the only ones in our family that run blogs, and probably the only two family members that actually read each others' blogs.

I don't think it's meant to be vicious, it is just that our other family members have different state of minds, and have different pursuits.

In the beginning, I was able to retained my immediate family member's attention somewhat. My sons were checking to see what I wrote everyday, especially MattLove. For more about my contract son click Happy Birthday Contract Son! That was great for a few months, until I noticed less conversations about the critiques of my posts, got the latest news flash..."no, I haven't seen it lately." response.
It doesn't make a difference to me that they don't, but probably does if they do. Smiles.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #44

1) Does your family / Significant Other read your blog?

2) Is it important to you that your family / Significant Other read your blog?

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  1. 1. They actually don't read my blogs. They are not bloggers and only surf the web.

    2. It doesn't bother me at all because I only want readers who are interested to visit and read my blog.

  2. 1) My children don't bother with my blogs, even when I set my blog as their homepage :-) They changed it later.

    2) It is not all that important to me if they read it or not. A handful of my friends online are important to me though.

  3. 1. The only one in my family that reads it is my dad. My hubby reads posts that I show him.

    2. It's only important when I tell them about a post I think they should read for a reason(tribute to them or information I think they would like to know).

  4. Hubby will take a look at my blogs occasionally but he is not a regular reader.

    Hubby, family and non blogging friends can read it if they like but it doesn't bother me if they don't.

  5. Some of my friends read my blog once in awhile but my children seldom do and I do not want them to if not interested. I would prefer that they were interested, though. I feel that much of me (and them) is on the pages of my blog so would love it if they took an interest.

    It is a compliment when someone shows a genuine interest or subscribes. It makes one want to work harder to supply useful content.

  6. 1. My sisters rarely read either of my blogs.

    2. At first it hurt my feelings, now it doesn't.

  7. members of my family are not bloggers, they use the internet for email and downloading music.:p a cousin reads my blog every now and then, and doesn't leave a comment. she would send her comment via SMS.

    it doesn't bother me...i would rather have readers and on line friends who visit my blog because they're interested in my posts.

  8. Seems like I am not alone in my solitary blogging interests. It is wierd to read blogs where husbands are helping their wives with their DIY projects and supportive of their endeavors. Mine wishes I would give it all up but doesnt offer any real reason.
    Oh well. I like havinng my own thing :) It is so nice to have a blogging community with SO MANY great ideas and kind words. It is GREAT to Meet you!!! I am going to stop by next week to participate in your Two Questions Link Up!

    following from bassgiraffe hop.
    jenny at dapperhouse

  9. My family members do read mu blog. Especially MIL, mum and hubs. However they do not comment on it..
    It doesn't really bother me that much as i do have other regular readers.

  10. 1. I never wanted my family to find my blog. I wanted this space just for myself. Turns out dh reads it when we are ticked at each other but I don't share stuff like that on it, so he doesn't find anything interesting :)

    Then one of the inlaws found my blog and I'm sure all the rest now knows which is something I do not like at all.

    Worse yet, she have the audacity to comment on it!

    2. No it's not important at all that they read it. I don't mind dh, I never hid it from him, but others I don't want on it.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Off to visit the others!

  11. They don't read any of my blogs hardly at all and that's fine by me. I used to want them to read them when I first started but quickly got over that.


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