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Thursday Two Questions #27

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Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #27:

1) What is the one thing you must carry in your purse that only you would carry. Besides the obvious driver's license and credit cards.
I carry a plastic spoon and a pair of scissors. The scissors is use to cut up Trinity's meals, and the spoon in case the restaurant doesn't have plastic, metal could be hot.

2) Do you like the concept of delivering info through infographics? If you don't know what they are see: The Superbowl XLV and The History of Lolcats.
I do to an extent. Certain stories are fabulous on infographics, while it could never replace the novel, it is a great way to digest information quickly and fun. The graphics could also lead you to an impression that you might not have thought of, thus it could be a very powerful tool.

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  1. 1. The one thing I always have to carry besides the obvious is a lipstick. Even without any makeup lipstick can be used for it's intended purpose and blush and eyeshadow if need be. I never leave home without it.

    2. I have no idea what infographics is so I'll check out the link.

  2. 1. I carry a little composition notebook in my purse in case something intersting pops up for my blog or my novels--usually when I'm driving.
    2. I think infographics will work for today's youth and busy public, though as a writer, I prefer the written word. I absolutely love reading ads in magazines, etc., for key words and phrases.

  3. Amanda, I carry some very strange things by some people's standards. My key ring has a small screw driver on it. I carry a tiny crochet hook which is good for repairing snags and always carry my camera and extra batteries.

    I must find the time to check out infographics. You are so enlightening!

  4. The one thing besides my camera that I always carry in my purse is a small Leatherman tool. It has a screwdriver, scissors and a knife.

    The infographics are great if someone wants a quick overview. If after seeing one I wanted information I could always do a search.

  5. Definitely a pen - for scribbling ideas etc.

    I think info-graphics have their use. I won't visit a website that depends on them wholly to put forwards ideas. I think once in a while, they serve their purpose.

  6. 1) not sure if this is unique--i have No Pain Therapy Balm (peppermint & ginger) and Tiger Balm from a Chinese drugstore. they relieve me from migraine and nausea attacks.

    2) infographics is quite interesting. i haven't heard of this before. this will definitely make reading more fun and interesting.

  7. 1) The one thing I must have in my bag is my lipstick, just like Jo..

    2) I'm a visual kind of gal, so yes, infographic is a great idea and concept..

  8. OOPS... My first post for Texifornia is incorrect. Please delete it if it's not too much trouble. The second one is the right one.

    As for your question... I carry around chap stick that my friend made. Best stuff I've ever used in my life. She put shea butter and all sorts of other stuff in it that makes it feel wonderful, and it tastes like berries. If you want some she sells it for only $2 forward you her e-mail.

    As for infographic...I like them except when they seem like they should link somwhere but don't.

  9. Heh. I carry just about a whole pharmacy in my bag which is funny if you see the size of my bag - it is tiny. But I always have painkillers, throat lozenges, lip balm and girl stuff. What else? Not much really as I pack light!

    Infographics like the ones you linked to are realy powerful. Are they on the rise, is that why you asked?

  10. I carry books. I have to have something to read if I get stuck somewhere or in a line or whatever.
    And lotion. I used to sit in the car and wish I had some lotion for my cracked hands. Now I try to always have some in my bag or the car.

    That does look interesting. I think it would be a good form of giving information.

  11. Aside from the 'normal' stuff, I always have a small dinosaur in my purse compliments of the Princess Nagger. ;)

    Infographics are definitely intriguing!

    Spring Awakening

  12. 1. I carry a small flashlight in my purse.

    2. Infographics are new to me, however, I think it would be great for those wanting to learn some quick facts.

  13. @Poetic ShutterbugIt just occurred to me that I haven't carried lipstick in my purse for a while now.

  14. @Margaret DuarteYou are very consistent- as a writer, I would expect that you are always prepared. Written words are wonderful, children needs to learn them too...what will happen to the kids in the future without written words.

  15. @Judy Sheldon-WalkerI had a girlfriend who carried everything you mentioned and more. She would have tape, needle / thread, let's put it this way every time I tried to test her by asking for something, she handed it to me, it was really scary!

  16. @SquirrelQueenI think I am learning that it is important to carry a tool, weapon since it can also protect you. That's a good way to think of infographics, it isn't the only source but it is a great introduction and also a good way to introduce information.

  17. @Anne Lyken-GarnerFor the life of me, I could never leave the notebook in m purse! I have to make a point to cary it to the car and make a point to bring it in to download the info...yep. It used to be that I carried Franklin, which has the note pages, and I used it religiously.

  18. @Luna MirandaMy mother used to carry the oinment and the green balm, but she doesn't carry anything anymore, it all goes in my purse! Infographics are indeed a different way to download info.

  19. @♥-Icy BC-♥Lipstick is something I should carry? I rather have foundation...you know why...don't ya? Some people can only learn through visual, so to some extent this is just another way of accommodation the differences in each and everyone.

  20. @GaleThat is good to know Gale. Sounds fabulous! I know what you mean, at first I click on them thinking they would take me to the more detailed info, but it was just leading me to the host of the image.

  21. @EmmI try to pack light. I clean out my purse often. I always have to ask myself before re-packing if I really need the stuff. It helps to differentiate the stuff to carry around and the stuff to leave at home. I try to be a medicine cabinet too, but I am too intense about packing light.

  22. @Stacy UncorkedI am always the bag pack myself, carrying everything for T. Every time we leave the house, it is like we are traveling! There are some really wonderful and awesome info graphics...I do like them.

  23. @CuzinlogicFlashlight is a good one to carry. Infographics is probably going to evolve over time to be more interactive.

  24. 1) The one thing I must have in my purse is hand-sanitizer!

    2) Don't know what infographic is so I have to check it out..


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